Cheesesteak Challenge Week: Introduction

CheesesteakIf you have read this blog much, you will note that my primary vice is that of gluttony – specifically CHEESESTEAK related gluttony. The real ones come in one size – footlong. Therefore to imbibe a cheesesteak is to partake albeit temporarily for some, in the mortal sin of gluttony.


Nevertheless, I greatly enjoy the Philly Cheesesteak. This genre of culination has been often imitated but with few successes, outside of even the city limits of Philadelphia. Even the suburban versions are noticeably different. Cross the Susquehanna a hundred miles to the west and you are taking a gamble. Many of even the cheesesteak elect have been deceived by “False Cheesesteak Experiences”.

The CheesesteakĀ Challenge

Cherry Peppers

But before I digress, I want to alert all non-vegetarian intercessors to the “Cheesesteak Challenge” which will involve the networking of prayer warriors in various locales through the humanitarian/culinary device of the Cheesesteak. Hear me out on this one!

But first, you must understand that there are false cheesesteaks, and authentic cheesesteaks. Among True Cheesesteaks, there are False Cheesesteak Experiences and Authentic Cheesesteak Experiences. I am proposing an ACE for you if you qualify.

To Be Continued: Monday

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