$10 a Month Cell Phone Bill (Part 1

As promised, I’m sharing my pearls of frugality regarding how to maintain a:

$10 / month cell phone bill

Gosh, how did I do it?

For the past 2 months I’ve spent about $10 on cell phone calls. Prior to this I had a $50/month bill for a few years (+ tax that I’m getting refunded), and downsized to a $40 plan, then finally made a big mistake by signing in for Vonage because I didn’t know about Skype or Gizmo. That was a waste since it was LESS effective than either VOIP software which is FREE! But even Vonage was better than paying $50/month, although I had to keep rebooting my computer to get Vonage to work.

My Cell Phone proposal works best provided you:

1. Don’t need to actually talk much on your cell phone and/or
2. Can train yourself to prioritize and ration your cell use as if it were an “emergency” phone
3. Have a computer (laptop is better) and a wifi connection

Basically, I have gone PREPAID… I use TMobile and their rates are as low as ~.10/minute. I fill ‘er up at $50 a pop every other month usually, that’s already about $30/month, which is decent (no lousy $7/month tax either).

What really kicked this into high gear was when I resolved in November to be more proactive in using Skype or Gizmo for my “conversational” calls – the ones I reserve for catching up with distant friends. I fudged this the other day when my wifi connection at Panera was cutting out and talked to Niki for 25 minutes on my cell. But that was it.

Tune in tomorrow for more information on this personal breakthrough!

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