Snap Preview is Disabled

Taking a cue from Mr. Blanc, who swears against the offending Snap Preview popups, I am ridding CBB of them for the time being.

Cheesesteak Challenge

I know it’s still Global Bridegroom Fast time, but today begins week 2 of the Cheesesteak Challenge! Mmmm!

4 responses to “Snap Preview is Disabled

  1. Hey bro hoping all is well in Philly. Cheestake sounds really good, to bad I’m in Iowa.

  2. It might just be worth the trip! Have you ever had a real one? What is the big food in Iowa?

  3. Man I’d LOVE to have a real Philly. Too bad we don’t have any regional onething conferences planned in your area. 🙂

    Yes, Brian Reagan is a BIG hit here at IHOP at least. I never heard of him until I joined up with the onething team. We use his jokes all the time! Love it…. I want to see him live.

    Anywho… Take luck!

  4. The closest was Harrisburg a couple years ago -that’s a couple hours away.

    Is Regan sick?

    Congratulations on your engagement! If you & your intended are honeymooning in the area, come by for a cheesesteak!

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