Thoughts On Daniel

I posted this over at Sean’s blog. Sean is a wanna-be winner of the Cheesesteak Challenge who lives in Iowa and is most likely not going to make it out here to Philly in the next week to win the challenge. He was talking about Daniel and it so happens that I am also studying his slick navigation of the corporate world. It was a bummer that the IHOP webcast was not working this morning because I was looking forward to the workplace intercession. Anyway here is a little about Daniel.
I learn a lot about his TACT and PERSISTENCE in navigating the corporate world (it was actually the palace/educational system but it works for the corporate world too).

1. Daniel has a Dietary conviction based on God’s word
2. The Powers that be and peer pressure are in conflict with this, and would not be sympathetic with a plea for “respecting my religious convictions”. The argument must be what’s in it for THEM.
3. Daniel is in association with other likeminded buddies with the same convictions. Between the lines, this undoubtably helps with standing up to the Man.
4. Daniel tactfully approaches the department head with the request and is shot down.
5. Daniel is not deterred, and he figures out another plan. I think this is a little bit shrewd of him.
6. Daniel goes Under that guy’s head (not Over his head) and finds an unsuspecting guard in a lower position who has less responsibility and less at stake personally.
7. Through persuasion (and I would kind of like to (extra-biblically) surmise, the “Jedi Mind Trick”) Daniel is able to talk the guy’s language, and this dude gets to look like the Man because after 10 days the guys he supervises are smarter, better looking, and stronger than the rest.

Actually I feel compelled to attempt an exceedingly wimpy version of a Daniel fast at work. Instead of my beloved Tortillini with hot peppers and hot sauce and romano cheese, I am going to eat Albacore Tuna right out of the can for a month, and see if that helps my improving job situation. The tortillini is really good but really lowers my energy level. So today I bought about 15 cans of Tuna and will bring a small closet’s worth of breath mints to work as well.

And that is just the start of the book! As a side note, I do not think even Daniel would consent to the Cheesesteak Challenge, because he invented the Daniel Fast, which is intolerant to Cheesesteaks. Fortunately we are not under the ceremonial law anymore, right?!? I do not claim that a cheesesteak will increase your intelligence! CBB

3 responses to “Thoughts On Daniel

  1. Dude, your taking cans of tuna to work, breath mints and all. I was almost rolling on the floor laughing as I read that not because it’s a bad idea, but the commentary was great:) I posted a snippet of your Daniel comments on my blog to help open up a forum. I especially liked #3 which I never really considered much. It does seem like they were in a small covenant fellowship which undoubtedly aided their pursuit of God. Good stuff! And that Daniel dealt shrewdly is also a new concept, which is worth some looking into.

    And last but not least I would like to nominate myself as the cheesesteak challenge winner because the Lord looks at the heart and not the outward appearance. Just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean I wasn’t champ at heart:)

  2. Anyone out there want to Second Sean’s nomination?

    If you want to talk about the outward appearance, it doth not take a Prophet nor a deity to see who has been imbibing Cheesesteaks. For their hearts are filled with Cholesterol and they tend to bulge also.

    I will compromise and give Sean the award for being the most Bummed at not being locationally eligible for the challenge. You kind of have to come to Philly for the cheesesteak, the cheesesteak does not come to you!

  3. Oh how laughter doeth good the heart like a medicine!!

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