Another Cheesesteak Post

OK, Twice in the past week I have compromised on my cheesesteak principles.

1. Ate “Steakumms” (homemade steak sandwich) on Friday evening. This is a yummy treat but I conclude does not pass the ACE (authentic cheesesteak experience) test.

2. I went to a place after church today that sells cheesesteaks along with pizza, and other hoagies and such. The company I was with was top notch (friends of mine from church), I must say. I have realized that there are many places in this region and city that sell cheesesteaks but not exclusively. They will sell you something that looks just like a cheesesteak, and smells like a cheesesteak, but the result just isn’t the same.

It is important to note that ACEs have several characteristics noted in other posts. If an establishment is lacking in 3 or more of these features, the cheesesteak product is inferior.

So the result is the same – heartache, or just heartburn. Not a real cheesesteak.

One response to “Another Cheesesteak Post

  1. Hey bro, it’s been a while. I have been on somewhat of an unwanted hiatus, but what can you do? So how’s the tuna challenge going?

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