Foiled Again!

International House of PrayerTo all you IHOP denizens who have subscribed to CBB in hopes of cashing in on FREE food during my visit (May 26 – June 3) in the spirit of the famed “Cheesesteak Challenge” –

We’re gonna need some creativity to make this work.

Perhaps a member of the Sanhedrin could figure a solution.
The IHOP started as 10 trailers smacked together

You can read about the original challenge and my first visit to the firetrap glorious “IHOP 1.0” in 2002 in this post. Basically it rocked, except that no one wanted to talk much due to a 40 day fast from food, meetings, conversations, and other legitimate forms of recreation as I recall. I thought that was fairly cool and intense and understood the premise of what they were up to “in the grace of God”. To foster goodwill and friendship upon my arrival, I announced a Special Dispensation of a Culinary Challenge.


It seems that I’m yet again arriving just in time for another 40 day fast (I hate when that happens 🙂 ). If I read my special bulletin correctly,

“We will be launching this [40 day] fast with a worldwide simulcast on God TV on May 26.”Lou Engle

Well golly if that ain’t the day the good folks at Southwest drop me off in KCMO. I find sometimes that Lou’s communications are sometimes contradicting, and sure enough, earlier in the bulletin it describes the fast commencing May 28 in the evening, which is Monday night.

So I need some counsel here. I’m too lazy to track back 40 days from 7/7/7 on my calendar, and even if I did, my accounting will pale against whatever the official dates are.

Question: Can we figure out a way to make this work? There are 2 possibilities:

  1. IF the fast starts on Monday pm, the Challenge will occur before Monday evening, which works fine – The Challenge is ON!
  2. If it starts upon my arrival Saturday pm on the 26th, the challenge would likely consist of a trip to the local juicing bar or a pathetic cup of steaming brown liquid. I do not expect such an offer to tantalize any savvy CBB reader. This original Challenge is much too grand to work even under “Daniel fast” guidelines!steakjoint.jpg

However I can all but guarantee that if any of you came to Philly, there would not be any fasting mandate whatsoever to prohibit the gluttony and dullness of spirit that comes from a cheesesteak. If there were, I am sure this city would not be leading the nation in murder rates.

OK, so please somebody find out the scoop here. I don’t want to encourage anyone to stumble over food here, so before further Challenge announcements, I need proof of the correct dates.

Anyone with an acceptable suggestion that would appeal to people within the cultural bounds, let me know!

8 responses to “Foiled Again!

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  2. Well, the only part of this post that would apply to a local Philly resident like myself – is the little “zinger” you included about the Christians in this area allowing the alarming violence and murder to continue with our lack of fasting and prayer.


    I would however take issue with you on the fact that cheesesteaks cause “dullness of spirit”.
    I would have to say that local philly residents, particularly the sports fans, (as they are among the guiltiest of us when it comes to eating cheesesteaks) are among the MOST “spirited” folks you are going to come across – as I recently observed at Citizens Bank Park, watching the Phillies play.
    Okay, okay – maybe it WAS all the alcohol that was being consumed like it was the last liquid on Earth. But still….

    Jokes aside, we need to start seriously thinking about how we can organize/mobilize corporate fasting in this area. I think there is some lack of understanding, but more than that – a lack of organization. We should start with what we have – not despising the day of small beginnings.

    Ashley and I are fasting 1 day a week. I know you are too…

    Lets pray and discuss on how to get this going in corporate fashion that is meaningful and effective.

    Your thoughts?

  3. Hey Dude,

    I asked Amanda about this, and she said as far as she has heard IHOP isn’t taking part in the fast corporately. They have been informed about it, so doubtless there will be a number of people participating, but at least so far, it won’t be the entire community. You should be able to find some non-fasters in the crowd this time.

    Oh, by the way, for the KC food experience, I hear Jack Stack’s is the place to go for the “original” KC barbeque. Not as inexpensive as a cheesesteak, but awesome food!

  4. @ Jonathan – yeah that was a harsh little zinger. I’m all for mobilizing fasting in the region – provided we have a decent grid for it. My personal grid is that I want to be positioned to have a softened heart in a rough town, and to receive power to grow in my spiritual experience. Fasting for a specific external end (no more murders in Philly) is a noble aim but will burn me out in a few years or less. I consider the city purpose to be under the umbrella of my personal benefit – i.e. I become more “anointable” and my prayer for the city is more effective as a by-product.

    @ Dorean – great if it is a voluntary thing. I don’t want to be inciting the missions base unto gluttony and leading them into evil however, so that’s why I assumed differently. Also, I would that cheesesteaks were “inexpensive” but a Geno’s or Pat’s will take 8 bucks from one’s net worth. We also have a “Slack’s Hoagie Shack” up here, it sounds the same but isn’t!

  5. I still haven’t been to to Jack Stack’s, so I’ll cast my vote for some KC barbecue. You might think about doing one Challenge day at Jack Stack’s for non-fasters and another Challenge day at the L.A. Juice Company (awesome slushies!) for fasters.

  6. Thanks again for the advice, will take all suggestions into consideration! Tune in for an update later this week!

  7. I just saw Mike and Lou on TBN (a repeat from last night) and they both said the fast started on the 28th. For what it’s worth…

  8. That’s worth something. Thanks for the report!

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