Online Dating Week – / Open Letter to Myspace

This post updated here.

One of’s sponsors is . And yes, that IS “Dr. Phil” on the graphic. He is the “Neil Clark Warren” of can find you plenty of interesting people right down the street from you as soon as you want. That is a bit disconcerting after you have spent 3 months on eH being scientifically tested for 29 dimentions of compatibility. Too much too soon in my view!

But get hook you in. Unfortunately I don’t appreciate their “It’s Not OK to Stare” web ad campaign on and other places. This features a video starting off in an off-limits part of female anatomy and then zooming out to a “tsk tsk” tongue in cheek scolding flirty girl whose self esteem is so low that she takes this as flattery.

Imagine the implications for your little sister or daughter in such a culture as this 5 or 10 years from now. It is not acceptable.

So today I sent the marketing team at myspace another “Inappropriate Content” notice. This is what it said. There’s no copyright on this by the way, you can do the same. Or are you “tolerant” of this?

Dear Myspace:

This is another complaint about one of your sponsor ads,, specifically their “it’s not OK to stare” ads.

Although I fit the demographic as a single man, I don’t want their service – because of this campaign. It is demeaning to women to show them as objects by having videos starting off focusing on their breasts, up their skirts, and other parts of their body. Those on the team who have daughters might relate to the disgust I have about this.

Please don’t think that I am preaching or moralizing here. The temptation is an effective distraction for me, and even more so for younger men (I am in my 30’s). I’m just not very “tolerant” when it comes to exploiting women in this way, and yes, this is exploitation.

Please pass this note on to your marketing/advertising team and encourage them to find sponsors that do not make money off of disrespecting women.

Thank you,
Nathan aka Ironworks Piano

5 responses to “Online Dating Week – / Open Letter to Myspace

  1. Woohoo!!! This is why we need men in the Christian women’s movement!

  2. Nathan,

    Way to go Bro! I all too often simply accept this and would never have even thought to shoot an email registering a formal complaint. Its simple I just missed it!

  3. @ IsabellaEBB: I told you that I was a feminist! 🙂 I’m really sorry us guys don’t stand up for our sisters like we could.

    @Coffee_Chris: …so did you shoot off the message? 🙂

    @anyone_else_out_there: Please don’t just read this if you feel the same way – send this message to Myspace.

    To do this, I think you have to go into your myspace inbox and find a “report inappropriate content” link. I DARE YOU!!! Especially you men out there.

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