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Video: Jonathan Edwards’ Grave

Last month I took a field trip to Newark and stopped into Princeton on the return trip back. Found what I was looking for – Jonathan Edwards’ grave. Princeton is by some accounts the top school of the nation right now. Amazing how it was founded by this revivalist as a Bible school.

Video: Thomas Edison Field Trip

OK, I finally uploaded the videos. The first one is of Edison’s grave.

The second is of the greenhouse Edison had off to the side. It rocked. It had Venus Flytraps like from the “Little Shop of Horrors”.

…and I barely escaped its clutches to post this!

Vista is a Pain

Wonder why I haven’t blogged?

Windows VistaWindows Vista. It is a major pain, I think about 20% of my programs (including the CA antivirus I just bought for the desktop) do not work. Especially Macromedia stuff.

Sorry for the silence. Working on digging up the videos from last month’s field trip to Newark.

Lego Star Wars 2

Now THIS is a fun game.

Lego Star Wars 2

Last night I got to destroy Jabba the Hut and send that bounty hunter with a jet pack into that sand sith. Lotsa fun.

Is “Weird Al” Yankovic a Prophet?

I got to see Weird Al last night at the Keswick – “HELLO GLENSIDE!!!” he said. I’ve never heard anyone say that before.

His show was retroactive – he started with a bunch of new stuff that was a bit more ribald than I recalled previously, and then got into the grunge era, then into the Jacko spoofs – “Beat It” and “Fat”.

On one of his songs, which I don’t know what song it was based on, but it was all about how his favorite TV show was interrupted by news of an earthquake with thousands of people dead and more injured. His response of course is to curse the broadcasting company and say “why does this always happen to me?” before employing the clicker.

He mentioned Peru and 8 points on the Richter scale. I thought he was just being random but just saw the google headline.

Suffice it to say that I’m glad my inner man has matured, I think when I was in junior high school me and Al were parallel in terms of social consciousness… er, callousness.

High Point of the Show:

The Star Wars songs – he did American Pie which he sings – “my, my, this here Anakin guy, may be Vader some day later, now he’s just a small fry.  And he did my beloved “Yoda” – Y-O-D-A, Yoda, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yoda”. On the first song, a host of Storm Troopers came out and shimmied back and forth to the music with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Delightful!

Low Point of the Show –

After the Amish Schoolyard slayings of last year, I thought it was very poor taste for him to do “Amish Paradise” (based on a gangsta song)  50 miles from Pennsylvania Dutch country. Let them be!

A notable omission to the show was “Rye or the Kaiser”, based on the Rocky III theme, “Eye of the Tiger”, a local favorite.  As an encore he did “Alberqerque” which is just obnoxious.


I wondered whether his portrayal of American pop-culture, laziness, and overall narcissism was part of a larger social statement (against it, perhaps), but cannot find any evidence to prove anything other than a talented artist/performer exploiting the overall bloated deterioration of a culture for his own sake.

R. I. P. Elvis

Today is the 30th anniversary of the demise of Elvis, thankyouverymuch.

A/C Update, aka My Parents Rock!

The heat wave broke, daily highs are only 90, and I’ve got an Amana portable unit with a Remote Control! Hah!

This wonderful unit keeps things several degrees colder inside my room, and will be more effecient once I seal the semi-circular window better.

One issue with the design is that other than the remote control, there is Only One Button on the entire unit. So as long as I do not LOSE the remote, I will be good. But if it is lost, I will have another fan!

Anyhow, thanks Mom & Dad for the blessing!

Rick Joyner on Socialism…

Rick Joyner’s “Word for the Week” makes a profound statement in the middle of a provocative post about socialism

“When we preach doctrines or make promises that are based more on our own idealism than the Word of God, we are setting ourselves and the people up for a terrible and faith-shaking disappointment.”

At the 12 Today…

A homeless guy came in, with his three friends. They were golden retrievers.

Golden RetrieverGolden RetrieverFortunately they didn’t urinate on the equipment, nothing short-circuited, the music and prayer continued, and hopefully the guy felt the love of God.

Golden RetrieverI’m glad that didn’t happen during my slot or I may not have been as civil as the worship leader was. We don’t really have a policy for handling pets at the 12, so I’m sure there will be some sort of protocol established before next month’s event!

Sears AC Repair Update

This air conditioner is HUGEGonna be a hot rest of the summer. Sears has called and informed me that the repair bill would be $400 for the portable air conditioner unit (7000 btu’s I think). I could get another one for that price. My issue is complicated by the fact that my 2 semi-circular apartment windows are too weirdly shaped and small to hold any air conditioner, except a portable one.

Thanks for those 3 days of air-conditioned bliss. Now how to dispose of this thing?