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Trivia Question:

dvdHow much is the fine for 5 DVDs in the Philadelphia library system that are overdue by 24 hours or less? You get 3 guesses, Sherlock.

Handheld Cell Phone Ban in PA

Is in the works.

[note – this post has been updated here]bluetooth alternative

This is a great idea. It includes texting.

I don’t understand why people eschew the earpiece or Star Trek Bluetooth headphone in favor of holding their palm to their ear.

Cell phone teen driverStudies have apparently shown that my earpiece gives me no real safety advantage over “palming it”, but it’s so obvious to the other drivers when you are holding the cell when you’re supposed to be driving? It freaks me to see somebody more involved with their conversation than with the rules of the road.

Apparently if the Republicans have their way, they will defeat this bill. Pro-life? I also don’t understand the party’s affair with big tobacco companies on a national level, other than to suggest big business influence/corruption issues.

Ban cell phone in the hand while driving? A no-brainer.