Everyone’s Mad at Pat, Part 3

What?!? It’s a Long Way from April 1st!From the New York Times:

Rudolph W. Giuliani is a supporter of gay and abortion rights who is building his Republican primary campaign around his response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Pat Robertson, the Christian conservative broadcaster, once said permissiveness toward homosexuality and abortion led to God’s “lifting his protection” to allow those attacks.

But there they were Wednesday morning, Mr. Robertson endorsing Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, as “an acceptable” Republican “who can win the general election.”

I would like to hold to my position of reminding everyone that Mr. Robertson founded “Operation Blessing”, which helps thousands of people each year in disaster areas.

I would also like to deviate from my historical position of defending Pat Robertson on this incredulous endorsement – why would he support someone with a track record of undermining everything Pat has stood for, save the defense issue? Has he discovered a new herb or chemical perhaps? Strange twist, I guess Pat doesn’t wear a Life band from the Call

To my readers who may live in the Tidewater area, I am wondering what the general response to this is in the “family values” community… I just can’t defend Pat on this one.

PS – What would Jerry Falwell think??? This is truly bizarre.

4 responses to “Everyone’s Mad at Pat, Part 3

  1. I haven’t heard much of any reaction in Tidewater within church circles, interestingly enough.

    The local morning talk radio host commented briefly on it, and I thought his reaction to the endorsement was accurate. In a nutshell, Pat has weighed the issues facing us in the next presidential election and decided that his endorsement needs to hinge on national security and Supreme Court justice nominations. Pat’s calculation appears to be that 1) Guiliani can be counted on to defend our country and nominate judges who won’t bastardize the U.S. Constitution, 2) the exigency of this moment in history makes Giuliani’s negatives on social and family issues of tertiary importance, and 3) he has the best chance of beating Hillary, who is the presumptive nominee for the Democrats.

    On one level, I can understand Dr. Robertson’s logic. Heck, I’m far more comfortable with the notion of Rudy in the oval office than anything the opposing political party has to offer. On the other hand, I (like you) see this as a betrayal of core issues that ought not be compromised on. And, I (like you) reacted to the news of the endorsement with a healthy, “Pat, what were you THINKING?!?”

    I’m deeply disenchanted with all the candidates on both sides. For a time, I thought I might get excited about Fred Thompson. But I find myself witholding my own endorsement until Fred Thompson first gets excited about Fred Thompson. I have deep misgivings about Guiliani’s values (even though I like the guy), Mitt Romney makes me uncomfortable for numerous reasons, and I’ve read some things about Huckabee (evangelical darling status notwithstanding) that make me deeply suspicious of his political m.o.

    We’ve been studying the background of the prophetic books in our adult Sunday school class. One of the things we’ve discovered is that the age of the writing prophets was three centuries of intense socio-political upheaval in the entire region of the ancient Near East, and the split kingdoms of Israel and Judah were deeply entangled in it. The prophets often found themselves rebuking leaders for selling themselves and their subjects short by resorting to political intrigue in place of dependence on Yahweh to secure peace and prosperity.

    Seems like we may be repeating history.

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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