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Who Will Pat Nominate Now?

Lo and behold, Pat Robertson’s nominee has bowed out and endorsed John McCain.

Rudy Guiliani’s risky strategy to jump in the fray 1 month after everyone else collapsed with a 3rd place finish in Florida. I wrote previously about my surprise that a televangelist so closely associated with the “religious right” would endorse a liberal for President, simply because he looked like he would win.

I wrote about another evangelist who simply called for a 3 day fast for God to raise up a pro-life candidate. That contender is still in the running despite a woefully inadequate financial purse. Let’s keep praying.

More Ping Pong

My sister-in-law has done a much better job of reporting on the recent ping-pong championships. Read her blog post or my former post.

Official CBB Policy Regarding Spam Rumors

So today I received an email from a church member linking to a video about a new Hillary Clinton rumor which may or may not be true. I have somehow gotten on various church members’ email lists, and periodically receive urgent alerts regarding threats to our religious liberties in America or other things. Although I certainly believe in defending religious liberty, I am often annoyed since a visit to Truth or Fiction sometimes dispells these horrific claims. Unfortunately that specific rumor has yet to be addressed at the site. But here are a couple of other examples:

We’ve heard other urban legends such as:

  • Proctor and Gamble is a company filled with satan worshipping executives (mostly, if not entirely false)
  • The government printed “under God” on the edge of the new coins (wait, that one was true!)
  • Pepsi took the words “Under God” off the can.

Truth: Pepsi did not, however Dr. Pepper did. And despite this, I’m not sureĀ  it is worth AN EMAIL WRITTEN IN CAPS TO ALERT ME TO THE SEVERITY OF THIS PROBLEM.

I also didn’t ask to be included in the email, and I certainly did NOT ask for my personal email address (not the secondary spam address either!) to be broadcast to dozens, scores, or hundreds of other people. Unlike myself, I suspect many of them may want to be informed of these rumors, and may lack the scruples necessary from refraining from pirating my email address onto their lists, thus exacerbating this problem.

Back to the poor church member:Unfortunately for them, I am starting to realize that my silence in the face of an overly unredemptive and politically charged email is tantamount to my approval of it. Articulating a rather blunt email in response (as tactfully as possible) might actually have the effect of liberating my email account from any future emails of this variety. Glory!

So here’s a notice for anyone who is planning to send me any such email, links, or commentary that is politically motivated, with the effect of tempting me to accuse any polititian or leader, rather than praying for them, thereby entering into an unholy partnership by my divisive attitude:

Don’t do it, since you’re forcing me to counterspam EVERYONE in your cc field with a more biblical perspective, and run the high risk of embarassing you. Please, don’t do it!

Spotted After Uprising Conference

Went to see Lou Engle and others in CT this weekend.

Weird sightings on the drive home, I think God is trying to tell all eastbound travellers something –

1. Lordship, exit 8 – road sign

2. Defend our heritage – billboard

3. Wordin – road sign

there was also a OneThing billboard with the same font. It was for energy conservation though.

Thanks to everyone involved, I was so thankful that Lou, Allen Hood, and the many others travelled to the east coast to impart this stuff here.

Spare Us… Please!!!

oj.jpgWatching OJ on Court TV getting lectured by the judge. Sounds like she is letting him out on bail. It feels like 1994 all over again.

Deal? or No Deal?

The lady tonight made history… she took it all the way through the game, only to win a penny. Was there a parable about this somewhere? Seems like there should be!

Ping Pong O Rama

table_tennis.jpgToday I am off to see an entire day of Forrest-Gump caliber ping pong at Drexel. The winners will represent our country in China for the Olympics.
I am not sure how much of this I can take to be honest. Maybe ADD will set in after 40 minutes, perhaps I can stretch it out to say, 55 minutes. But it will be fun to see the family.

All you people at The Call – have fun, hopefully I can tune in later today.

New Jersey Office Wildlife Update

turkeys.jpgToday my managers and I looked out the window and saw a flock of Wild Turkeys (not the human kind). I have seen all sorts of things, most recently brazen deer, in the office lawn, but not Turkeys. Good thing for them November is past. These turkeys were adept at running about and flying into trees for perching and whatnot.

Homeless Update ’08

Got to buy dinner for a homeless dude in old city Philly last night. To read about other homeless adventures, click here. Items selected included

  • a pound of raw bacon
  • bread
  • 1/2 pound cheddar cheese
  • bottled water

I refrained from giving him the following:

  • fermented beverages
  • cash

So this guy was I think more confused than anything else. I think all this Jesus Camp blogging has made me feel like a hypocrite unconsciously – I told the dude “Jesus loves you” and all I could think about was the Jesus Camp thing, and I totally got slimed. Plus, the dude obviously wanted a beer, I suppose he would have appreciated the sentiment more had I got him one… we don’t act on our feelings, right?

Thoughts About Iowa

Watching the caucus returns. A few thoughts:

1. Huckabee and Chuck Norris currently have a 9% lead over the pack, 85% reporting. They just showed up for a victory speech too.

2. This is JUST A PRIMARY! These thing barely got coverage when I was first following these political things. The media is treating this as if it is “Super Tuesday” or a party nomination. We are all in for a long, grueling haul.

3. If you were at or watching The Call Monday, people prayed this in, I am convinced. This guy called an Esther fast specifically for a candidate who was pro-life to emerge. I’m not proud to admit that my first reaction was to get offended, since I am just not able or willing to go on that type of fast – I’m not in that league, nor do I think that it would be safe for me to do so right now, especially with zero notice. So a lot of people particularly in the midwest have been praying and fasting in extreme ways to release grace for a candidate who defends life.

4. A bunch of people in my circles who love God and the unborn have written Huckabee off previously as “unelectable”. A prominent televangelist endorsed a pro-choice, pro-alternative marriage Republican nominee months ago. I am also convinced that aside from some serious divine favor Huckabee is unelectable, because I don’t think the Republican party gives much of a rip about defending life or decency, as evidenced a year ago – unless you are talking about the war on terror. East coast Republicans to a large degree seem to be willing to just support someone with an anti-life, anti-traditional agenda, as long as he can fight terrorism.

I’m convinced that the people who are willing to go without their basic needs for 3 days are on to something. The rest of us can be “practical” or we can cry out for God to set up a leader that would reflect his heart. And if you can skip a couple meals to pray for someone with godly values to be raised up as a leader, the better. I don’t suggest that you go without water unless you hear from God, however.

5. This looks too clear-cut for me to believe. But it is just Iowa, another 49 states to go. For a pro-life, traditional marriage candidate to succeed anywhere outside the midwest will definitely require the hand of Providence. It requires peoples’ hearts to change. Otherwise I think people here on the east coast are likely to riot. I’d like to do what I can to pray and ask for God to have mercy via some righteous leaders.

6. I’m also a big believer that God might just be pleased to give us someone who does NOT stand for godly principles, in order to test the church –

  • Are we willing to bless and pray for a president who many would consider an “enemy”?
  • Do we believe God can change the heart of a ruler?
  • Will we go to sleep again should God raise a godly president?
  • Is it possible for someone with such a wild rise to remain humble & teachable?

Fasten your seat belt. Personally, I think Chuck Norris will make a great Secretary of Defense, what with those roundhouse kicks and all.