Thoughts About Iowa

Watching the caucus returns. A few thoughts:

1. Huckabee and Chuck Norris currently have a 9% lead over the pack, 85% reporting. They just showed up for a victory speech too.

2. This is JUST A PRIMARY! These thing barely got coverage when I was first following these political things. The media is treating this as if it is “Super Tuesday” or a party nomination. We are all in for a long, grueling haul.

3. If you were at or watching The Call Monday, people prayed this in, I am convinced. This guy called an Esther fast specifically for a candidate who was pro-life to emerge. I’m not proud to admit that my first reaction was to get offended, since I am just not able or willing to go on that type of fast – I’m not in that league, nor do I think that it would be safe for me to do so right now, especially with zero notice. So a lot of people particularly in the midwest have been praying and fasting in extreme ways to release grace for a candidate who defends life.

4. A bunch of people in my circles who love God and the unborn have written Huckabee off previously as “unelectable”. A prominent televangelist endorsed a pro-choice, pro-alternative marriage Republican nominee months ago. I am also convinced that aside from some serious divine favor Huckabee is unelectable, because I don’t think the Republican party gives much of a rip about defending life or decency, as evidenced a year ago – unless you are talking about the war on terror. East coast Republicans to a large degree seem to be willing to just support someone with an anti-life, anti-traditional agenda, as long as he can fight terrorism.

I’m convinced that the people who are willing to go without their basic needs for 3 days are on to something. The rest of us can be “practical” or we can cry out for God to set up a leader that would reflect his heart. And if you can skip a couple meals to pray for someone with godly values to be raised up as a leader, the better. I don’t suggest that you go without water unless you hear from God, however.

5. This looks too clear-cut for me to believe. But it is just Iowa, another 49 states to go. For a pro-life, traditional marriage candidate to succeed anywhere outside the midwest will definitely require the hand of Providence. It requires peoples’ hearts to change. Otherwise I think people here on the east coast are likely to riot. I’d like to do what I can to pray and ask for God to have mercy via some righteous leaders.

6. I’m also a big believer that God might just be pleased to give us someone who does NOT stand for godly principles, in order to test the church –

  • Are we willing to bless and pray for a president who many would consider an “enemy”?
  • Do we believe God can change the heart of a ruler?
  • Will we go to sleep again should God raise a godly president?
  • Is it possible for someone with such a wild rise to remain humble & teachable?

Fasten your seat belt. Personally, I think Chuck Norris will make a great Secretary of Defense, what with those roundhouse kicks and all.

7 responses to “Thoughts About Iowa

  1. Hah! Figured it out, I am logged into, not your site. That is how I can post these comments as myself. It all makes sense now.

    Anyway, my biggest problem in all of this is that abortion is the issue that I feel I must vote hard on. I wrote in this article about how I really don’t want to vote for any candidate that feels it is ok to use negative ad campaigning to gain footholds and how I have committed to never vote for a pro-choice candidate, however I feel slightly uneasy about this in my spirit. The problem is that, like Lou Engle says, there are a 100 other issues on the table. I don’t believe in the write to own guns. Huckabee does. I don’t think that our foreign policy is doing us or the world any good. Huckabee does. I don’t believe in war. Huckabee does. But I cannot vote for the candidates that I agree with on all these other issues because they are pro-choice and anti-traditionalism. I really just have to remain confident that the issue of today that God is dealing with is the shedding of the innocent blood of our world’s babies. I knew that America had killed 50 million babies. I had no idea that the world kills 50 million babies ever year. That is so staggering.

    In regards to point 6 too, I have been feeling very similarly. I’ve heard Lou Engle say so many times that we should never vilify our leaders and that we should pray for them. But I really don’t know if there was this kind of support and prayer going when Bill was in office. I wonder the same thing, if God won’t give us an unjust leader to test our will to continue to pray and support. I don’t even know what that looks like. Hitler most certainly should not have been supported by the Christians of that day, but what do you do in the face of an unjust leader? Bush certainly is pro-life, that’s why I love him, but man is he wrong on a lot of the other issues. Transparency of Government. Torture. The way he’s running the war. How do you approach that?

    Anyway, let’s all keep praying for a Godly candidate to arise. One who not only deals with the issue but also deals with the other issues on God’s heart as well.

  2. A couple responses on your last main paragraph

    1. We all pretty much cursed Bill when he was in office. It barely occurred to me that I should pray FOR him.

    2. Civil disobedience, Ghandi or MLK style is an appropriate response to an unjust policy or leader. Prayer can be equally or more effective if it is done effectively.

    3. As you are aware, on a local level on the east coast (mayor, civic leader, even congressional/senate level sometimes) there is often NO strong pro-life candidate since the culture here is so hostile to that. Here in Philly the former mayor was trying to shut down/evict the Boy Scouts. Not sure what a lifeband-wearer is to do in that situation, other than to continue to vote (if we don’t vote we have NO influence on our leaders).

    4. I will all but guarantee you that the campaign will get ugly faster than you’d like. Pray it ain’t so!

    5. I was just ready to suggest we go to the gun club for some bonding but I’ll just table that suggestion… 🙂

  3. Roe v. Wade didn’t even come close to budging in the first 7 years if the decade with a conservative and republican House, Senate, and Executive branch. Now we have a liberal democrat House and Senate, and none of the republican candidates are more pro-life than Bush. In other words, and unfortunately, for now abortion is about the most legislatively hopeless issue imaginable. That isn’t to say that it isn’t something we should give up on – but basing a vote on an incredibly legislatively hopeless issue makes absolutely no sense.

    That said, there is much that can, and should … no, let me restate that … there is much that MUST be done to thwart pro-choice efforts. Promulgation of powerful media and findings from recent scientific studies on the beginning of human life, the true cost of abortion, the viability of 1st and 2nd trimester fetuses, the psycological impact of a society that aborts it’s problems instead of dealing with them – these are all things that should be published and promoted on a grassroots level until the tide of public opinion changes on the matter. For 30 years electing pro-life candidates has done almost nothing for the cause of pro-life. It’s a button conservative politicians push to get elected. Nothing more.

  4. Maybe Mitt or McCain can get Jet Li to appear with them everywhere they go. That’d be funny!

  5. That’s a good idea, but not nearly as effective as Chuckabee imho!

  6. We need to trust God rather than party politics about electability. Mike Huckabee is the kind of candidate who is able to excite people who don’t like Republicans, and that should say a lot. He’s an extremely good communicator, which Bush was not. I think we need to support Huckabee because it’s the moral thing to do and let God do the rest.

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