Homeless Update ’08

Got to buy dinner for a homeless dude in old city Philly last night. To read about other homeless adventures, click here. Items selected included

  • a pound of raw bacon
  • bread
  • 1/2 pound cheddar cheese
  • bottled water

I refrained from giving him the following:

  • fermented beverages
  • cash

So this guy was I think more confused than anything else. I think all this Jesus Camp blogging has made me feel like a hypocrite unconsciously – I told the dude “Jesus loves you” and all I could think about was the Jesus Camp thing, and I totally got slimed. Plus, the dude obviously wanted a beer, I suppose he would have appreciated the sentiment more had I got him one… we don’t act on our feelings, right?

One response to “Homeless Update ’08

  1. Have you ever been asked to help a person out when the Lord clearly told you that you shouldn’t? I find that to be one of the weirdest sensations.

    Jess and I are pretty liberal I think in that we don’t really believe that it’s bad to be taken advantage of and also don’t believe that you need a clear leading to help an impoverished person out, you should just do it by default. But every now and then someone asks me for money or some food or something like that and God tells me that I shouldn’t. It’s weird.

    Do you think that it’s our responsibility to only give what we know could not be used for ulterior motives?

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