Who Will Pat Nominate Now?

Lo and behold, Pat Robertson’s nominee has bowed out and endorsed John McCain.

Rudy Guiliani’s risky strategy to jump in the fray 1 month after everyone else collapsed with a 3rd place finish in Florida. I wrote previously about my surprise that a televangelist so closely associated with the “religious right” would endorse a liberal for President, simply because he looked like he would win.

I wrote about another evangelist who simply called for a 3 day fast for God to raise up a pro-life candidate. That contender is still in the running despite a woefully inadequate financial purse. Let’s keep praying.

One response to “Who Will Pat Nominate Now?

  1. “Fear is an enemy to fight and defeat and not an enemy to fear. Fear of falling, fear of the unknown, fear of making mistakes, fear of trying new ideas, fear of failure or fear of those already there.”
    ~ Ikechukwu Joseph

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