Monthly Archives: February 2008

Huckabee is a Funny Guy

This is unprecedented – the way this campaign got so friendly with a normally hostile media. I think we can all learn a lot. Plus – catch the part where he talks about miracles.

God is the one that raises up rulers. McCain has had health issues in the past. It is a possibility, though not one I would want to trumpet, that he could step aside due to health issues. The real lesson – coming from the peanut gallery here – is for the Pat Robertson-type pragmatists of the world to support the guy with the better values than the guy that looks like he can win. Imagine what that would have done. A small band of people fasting and praying like crazy (and, of course, Chuck Norris) helped Huckabee make a dent in this election – and nothing is out of the question.

Where Are They Now?

So I find out what my skateboarding hero has been up to these days… serving on Stephen Baldwin’s evangelism ministry and… Associate Pastor!?!