Do You Remember Burger Buddies?

One of the highlights of the 80s, besides the miraculous survival of the nearly assassinated Ronald Reagan, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, or the emergence of Richard Simmons‘ highly emotional Deal-a-Meal infomercials, would have to be when Burger King rolled out its new line of mini-cheeseburgers.

These precious “Burger Bundles” were renamed “Burger Buddies” and then became even more popular. About 15 years ago I remember being in a debate with the leader of my church’s sound team at about 715 am about this very topic as we were setting up the stage and sound equipment for the church. So, if you’re reading this Al, we were both right!

So… who remembers these suckers – they sure were good!

Did you call them “Buddies” or “Bundles”?

3 responses to “Do You Remember Burger Buddies?

  1. I am hungry right now…I don’t remember these and I should…but they sound delicious!

  2. They pretty much rocked. One of the best things about the late 80’s, along with perestroka and the demise of communism.

  3. burger buddies!!! yesss finally someone else who remembers them besides me! People keep looking at me like I was crazy and telling me it must have been a “VA thing”. lol

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