Cheesesteak Challenge: A Scriptural Defense

Cheesesteak ChallengeSeveral of us from the Philly area went out yonder (6 hours yonder) to near the Ohio state line in order to join with 6 other Houses Of Prayer in PA. Special thanks to Dennis and Ralph at the Altar HOP in Meadville for pulling off something unpredented in recent history around here.

We had ourselves a blast, what with all our declarations, proclamations, and other utterances. At one point our generous team even had an altar call of sorts for anyone who would like to try to beat the living tar out of the timpani in the front and obliterate the worship band’s rhythmic cohesion in the process.

Yet at one point in the weekend, my disciples came unto me saying something like, “why dost thou offerest the cheesesteak challenge, whilst Jamie’s disciples fast?” And verily I did speak, saying the same:

Did not our Lord speak, saying that we shouldst use our mammon to make ourselves friends amongst the heathen? So that they might find the truth and have eternal rewards?

And should I not use my resources to recognize and reward those, yea those even in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, who do not cease to pray night and day for the harvest?

And is not the Cheesesteak a principality over our city? And are not those who partake of its gluttonies in need of deeper soul food? Are not its proprietors and workers themselves members of an Unreached People Group?

Yet I was somewhat reviled at first, until I was able to find said passage in Luke 16:9.

I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

Now, it DID take me a few minutes to find the scripture, without being distracted by taunts and false lifelines (“maybe it’s in Hezekiah 2:14!” “have you tried Isaiah 67?”) but in the end the scripture was proclaimed, and my detractors were silenced.

And then we all discovered the local Steak & Shake, which almost none of us had ever seen before.

5 responses to “Cheesesteak Challenge: A Scriptural Defense

  1. Nathan, a veritable hoot art thou! For, lo, these many days did pass since the festival of praise, and what have ye to offer as a remembrance but mammon and cheesesteak? Yea, and did our forefather William Penn long to see this day, when the cheesesteak would arise and cover the land? And so, brethren, revile not, neither be thou insoucient, for our Father has smiled upon this occasion and upon his servant, Nathan. May the prayers of the righteous be honored in thy gates, Philadelphia. May the blessings long foretold begin with thy house, O Nathan, and the houses of those with whom you labor in the faith. Amen.
    Nathan, we have to do this again! We’ll be in touch!

  2. …what can I say to this, other than to proclaim it as the “baddest” comment ever on the CBB! Verily, verily!

  3. You’re such a nut!!! Just goes to show you can prove anything with the right scripture. I’m slightly jealous of you’re trip to western PA, but my parents were in for Easter so I can’t complain. :^)

  4. …didn’t you really mean, “*distort* anything with the right scripture?” The Steak and Shake was indeed good, though not the best place to break a fast perhaps!

  5. Either way. I have no room to talk with my whole Bentonville, AK – Antichrist theroy. Still working on the scriptural support for that… :^)

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