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Quote of the Week

Dedicating this one to my friends at various HOPs:Father of LSD

“LSD can help open your eyes,” he once said. “But there are other ways: meditation, dance, music, fasting.”

-Albert Hofmann, father of the mind-altering drug LSD

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40 Days for Life – Philly

Choose LifeJust posted this on the 24Philly blog:

Went to a breakfast meeting for a 40 day prayer/fast for Life and wanted to let the 24Philly readers know about it.

There will be a peaceful 40 day onsite prayer chain at a local suburban clinic, September 25 until November 3, rain or shine. The appropriate zoning and permits have been secured with the local officials. This is a non-political stand for the future of unborn children. If you are under the age of 35, like me, your life could have been terminated legally in this country – we are the lucky ones, the survivors. I don’t appreciate that my life was in potential jeopardy while in the womb in 1974, but am grateful for my mother’s love and care in bringing me to term. Millions of our would-be friends, classmates, and others were not as fortunate.

Abortion is the last in a long line of sad situations, in which men are always involved. If you are a man you may (indeed should) also stand for life by treating women with respect, to be intolerant of pornography and immoral relationships in your life, to be celibate if single or faithful to your spouse if married, to be open to considering adoption, and to have compassion and care for single moms and their children.

We also can express God’s love and compassion to post-abortive women, as well as those who are on the other side of this issue. Many of us are doing these things, and making a public stand for life is simply another way of expressing one’s beliefs.

On a personal level I am interested in petitioning God for the breakthrough. No political party can change people’s hearts. The hearts of many people must change or else any legal victory will only harden people and anger them. That is why I am also praying for God to break into the hearts of people, and into the church, so that we can meet the needs of people in more relevant ways.

If you are a pastor or leader and read this in the next couple days, there is another breakfast in Abington on September 11. The contact is the Urban Family Council 215-885-4237. I’ve left many specifics out of this blog post, but if you are interested just use the contact information.

Bizarre and Profane: Nuns Hook Up Dying Man for Sex

Thanks to a church-run hospice, one disabled man was granted his dying wish: to lose his virginity.

22-year-old Nick Wallis, who has muscular dystrophy, had hoped to experience sex before he died. After telling staff at the Douglas House hospice in Oxford of his wish, they decided to help him, reported London’s Daily Telegraph.

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Wallis had hoped to form a relationship through which to experience sex, but it just never happened…

“I found an advert from a sex worker in a magazine for the disabled,” Wallis said. “The initial contact was by email and then by phone.”

It was arranged for the prostitute to visit Wallis’ home while his parents went out…

The hospice staff consulted a solicitor, clergy, and health care professionals before agreeing to assist Wallis.

Sister Frances, the founder of the hospice, described Wallis as “delightful, intelligent and aware young man.”

“I know that some people will say ‘You are a Christian foundation. What are you thinking about?’ But we are here for all faiths and none,” she said.

“It is not our job to make moral decisions for our guests. We came to the conclusion that it was our duty of care to support Nick emotionally and to help ensure his physical safety [!?! emphasis  CBB].”

Wallis said the experience was not quite what he had hoped.

“It was not emotionally fulfilling, but the lady was very pleasant and very understanding. I do not know whether I would do it again. I would much rather find a girlfriend, but I have to be realistic.”…


Apparently abstinence educators, Josh McDowell, James Dobson, and a host of others turned out to be right in this case, as well as many others that didn’t make it to print.