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How Many Spam Did CBB Receive?

This blog has just registered 20,000 hits, thanks in a great part to the loyal readers, and also the upcoming PA handheld cellphone ban.

So how many Akismet Spam have been caught? Best guess gets a kudo.

10000 and Akismet

10000 visitors
Yesterday CBB hosted its 10000th visitor. Thanks for showing up, and for all the readers who have put this blog to this level.


The Akismet Spam Catcher had caught just shy of a WHOPPING 1250 spam at the time of the 10000th visitor. This means that for every EIGHT legitimate visitors, I have received a spam! That is a LOT of spam! I think Akismet held 4 of them in Moderating mode where they almost got through. I also recall that a benign spam may have temporarily gotten through, the kind that says,

“Nice site. Get Xanprax and other meds real CHEAP!”

Akismet Update

This little Akismet guy has saved this blog from over 1000 spam at this point! God bless Akismet and its developers. Akismet is like the anti-myspace.

Minutia Updates

…in case you’re wondering:

– Cell phone recharged last month, I still have 332 minutes left.

– I use Skype as much as possible, and paid up $30 for free US calling for 2007.

– Akismet has intercepted 330+ spam, a 100% track record.

More substantial posts to come, I took a bit of a break for holy week’s aftermath!

Akismet Spam Catcher, I Love Thee!

akismetI just want to know who has invented this wonderful spam filter called Akismet.  And thank the gods at WordPress for smiling down on us through buying it out or however they were able to embed it.

1. Once our blogs were susceptible to SPAM comments – meds spam, loan shark spam, perverse porn spam, 3rd world inheritance spam.

2. Now Akismet has come, and banishes the spam away.

3. My blogs have 190 fewer spam incidents due to this marvelous Akismet

4. Occasionally Akismet is not sure it is spam so it saves it in a hidden cue. I quickly confirm it is spam, and away it goes!

5. I just love this Akismet spam catcher. Why use blogger when you have wordpress & Akismet?