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“Global Warming” – Followup

Global WarmingThanks for the dialogue, fellow bloggers (or wordcasters).

The Mont-ster responded with some extra commentary you might have missed, and I’m taking the liberty to put below:

Ideas have consequences. At stake here are huge economic issues that effect multiple nations. Radical environmentalism lionizes the peasant life because it has a minimal “carbon footprint.” So they seek to degrade or hamstring the economy of the industrial West and halt economic development in third-world nations — all in the name of saving the planet. As I mentioned in my own post on global warming, this kind of thinking actually causes further suffering in developing nations NOW…

This comment helps me understand the justification for the outcry from fellow conservatives. Obviously we all want to stand up for the truth, and I had figured many are concerned primarily about popularizing information that may have little evidence for it (other than subjectively correlated data, backed by unanimous Hollywood support, the american media / celebrity machine, and plain old peer pressure).

However I need to hear more than a reaction against something, which is what my recent experience of the overall buzz is about. This buzz had nothing to do with the fine bloggers I linked to in the previous post, but much more to do with hearing various tired rantings from radio, news, and pulpits. This triggers all sorts of stereotypes from my experience and can lead to a hastily written blog.

I appreciate the Mont-ster for zooming out of the culture war part of the controversy and showing how a potentially false assumption can lead to unintended further suffering of innocent people.

I would like to clarify that I do have respect and appreciation for those who have researched and bucked the peer pressure on this issue, to give us their concerns about this.  Unfortunately for me, I sometimes succumb to the dis-service of droning all the technical sounding stuff out after awhile.  And I wonder what the other lost people out there are thinking with all this passionate and sometimes terse debating going on. So that led to my rather unorthodox theory about leveraging all this apocalyptic talk toward evangelistic purposes.

I think there is room for both approaches, even by the same person. I suspect that perhaps 1 in 4 people possess the intellectual fortitude plus the love for civil debate on this issue, and I’m not including myself in this number! An open debate about “Global Warming” is similar to debating apologetics or other rhetorical topics. We absolutely need to be able to give sound reasons for what and why we believe things. If somebody isn’t up for another global warming debate, we switch hats and ask them why it’s so important to them and what they plan to do about it. Then if we have any rapport with them, we can find out what they plan to do regarding their own mortality.

Assuming my subjective estimate above is close to accurate, 3 of the 4 are going to tune out of the debate if they are not interested or able to keep up with it, or have already made up their mind, or perhaps were “out-debated” the last time and have a wound from it. For the people out there that can’t figure out why certain people wouldn’t do something do save the earth, I’m suggesting we draw the parallels about figuring out why people won’t do something to try to save their souls. Perhaps this way our “net” will engage more of the “fish” out there.

The fellow bloggers were extremely gracious to me, and I owe Dave and Brent an apology for the originally callous tone of my post, and arbitrarily linking their blogs to it. I’m slowly growing in my Online Emotional Intelligence and empathy for the feelings of other bloggers. Pinging other blogs can have the effect of alarming the ping-ee especially if the blog doing the pinging is not careful to properly justify the pinging in a balanced light. These blogs really can end up maligning, misrepresenting, or undermining others’ work through a sloppy ping. And for a more established blogger, pinging is often an annoyance rather than a compliment if the ping is not well thought out.

So anyhow, Earth Day is coming up April 22. I found out something we can all be excited about  – a rumor of FREE ICE CREAM at Ben & Jerry’s. I just checked and there IS free B&J scoops given out 5 days previous, April 17. It is Ben & Jerry’s anniversary… er, the anniversary of the founding of the company called “Ben & Jerry’s”.