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Never Gonna…

This is a remarkable piece of work. Thanks Hugh for creating this!

…and could anyone confirm that the Senator had an under-publicized stint as a bartender in the mid-80s? Check out around 1:15 and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for the tweet, Randy.

Obama Bookworms… To MYSPACE!

Obama’s Book

You’ve read “the Audacity of Hope”. You blogged it to fill the rest of us in. Although you don’t totally agree with Mr. Obama, you scored points with the rest of your fellow religious conservative blogger community Gen Xer’s for your tolerance and openmindedness, a coveted trait by most of us.

Now he can be your myspace “friend”, too!obama will be your myspace friend



At this very moment, you could be Barack’s friend #108017! Hurry up!

Never thought a poorly designed but popular networking site would double as the “town hall” meeting, but why not?
It’s sure cheaper than airtime! Hillary had better get her groove down to her local myspace if she wants to beat this guy!

This is a defining moment friends. Each generation makes its mark on the political process through its technology and culture. This is the moment of Generation Y or Z or whatever we call you.

You must hearken all… the way back to 1992 when as a high school senior and Clinton supporter (along with my dissenting Ivy League to be friends) I witnessed an unprecedented candidate for president deigning to be interviewed and questioned on… [gasp] MTV!


Rocking the Vote 

MTV! Such a thing had never happened before. MTV indeed!

At that time MTV only had one reality show (The Real World), the rest of it was a steady diet of Nirvana and Hole videos with some 10000 Maniacs thrown in for good measure. You also can’t forget the hip-hop and the rap.

MTV News Anchors - Kurt Loder & Tabitha SorenAnyway Tabitha Soren was the moderator for a group of politically minded MTV “Rock the Vote” youth, and at the end of the Bill Clinton live studio interview/open question session she had one last question for Bill:

Boxers or Briefs?

…Shock waves rumbled from DC or wherever that interview was throughout the land. Some punk X’er anchorwoman asked the future president what his underwear was.

Briefs. This is what they look like in case you don’t know.Upon his response, shock waves rumbled from every secondary school and college in the land… the president wears “briefs”. We asked, “what are ‘briefs'”? Underpants right? As opposed to boxers (those hybrid brief-boxers in the department store were not yet invented). I don’t think anyone called them “briefs” before.

So… what did this have to do with Obama?

So anyhow, getting back from the “brief” bunny trail to the subject of politics and techno/culture: I submit that Obama has acted, in a word that I have used thrice on this blog in conjunction with that blasted myspace, “shrewdly”. He and other politicians have changed future politics in doing so. Surely if he hadn’t someone else would.

Can you imagine what would happen if that porn spam hacker that slimed me and all my friends got a hold of Obama’s myspace page? Word to the wise!