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Effectual Fervent Prayer… Availeth Much in Philly

Well the city hasn’t exactly erupted in revival yet… (and I’m glad about that… frankly could we handle more than 100 disciples here per week or month for that matter?) but ONE prayer has been answered. And I believe that it is a sort of firstfruits (or first-burrito, if you will) that many more of my prayers will be answered.


Chipotle is opening its THIRD store in the Philadelphia region soon. Bucks County. (unfortunately Upper Bucks rather than Lower Bucks where I live) This is a blessed day for the City of Love – and I’m lovin’ those burritos.

What better way to minister God’s love, and the heart of the Father than to abduct a recent father, trapped and overwhelmed by domestic responsibility, and drag the poor soul to the local Chipolte. This is exactly what I did to my brother-in-law, the man responsible for making me an uncle.

I sat him down and bought this man a burrito. He deserved it. I even got him some Guac for him and my sister. They are a bit on the high maintenance side where culinary stuff is concerned, so I did have my doubts that Chipolte would breeze through – but they both proclaimed it of the highest caliber available in the Philadelphia region. They proclaimed that they have never tasted Guac of such caliber.

Life in Bucks County

Well a couple things have made for a more comfortable life here in the burbs.

1. I just saved about $200/year on my auto insurance by switching to Yardley. Thanks, Geico!

2. It is WAY easier to get around out here. They actually have 4 lane roads. I can travel twice the distance in the same amount of time.

3. Lots of retail out here. A couple malls that I don’t go to, 2 Targets, 2 Walmarts, and even Steve’s Prince of Steaks. What’s not to love?

Autumn Arrives in SE PA

Must have been the cooler air. The trees have been gorgeous for the last 2 weeks. Moving to Bucks County has helped me appreciate the beauty of it. My drive into Princeton is also very pretty, minus the congestion.

My New Room

Is 80% the size of the last one. I managed not to defect to Jersey, PTL. I’m right across the river as it turns out in historic Bucks county PA.