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24 Event this Friday & Saturday!

Come one come all to the PA Statewide 24!

I am currently securing a 2nd mortgage to finance a Cheesesteak Challenge for 2 very special intercessory families – that’s 9 cheesesteaks. Hopefully we have a bunch of pictures and stuff of this joyful occasion.

Cheesesteak at the Philly Film Festival

My girlfriend and I will be attending the following film this weekend.  It promises to be an exceptionally informative and delicious evening.  Please read below, and check out the show if you can.  I am glad that the movie industry is prophesying about cheesesteak, although some might call this a minor abomination of desolation, what with all the calories you receive from such a tasty treat.

Catch this collection of three short films celebrating our collective obsessions: Rocky and cheesesteaks! — Scott Johnston
This Program includes the short(s):
Rocky Jumped a Park Bench
( USA, 2008, 20 min , Matthew Von Manahan, James Rolfe )

The never-ending franchise has created its own myths in this city, and with tongue set firmly in cheek this short doc dares to find the truth by visiting the one true neighborhood of Rocky — every “one true neighborhood” of Rocky. Even if Rocky is fictitious, his mythology is not.

Frankie13 vs the World
( USA, 2007, 25 min , James Eowan, Douglas Shaffer )

Like his hero Rocky, Frankie13 is a man with a dream, only his sport is far more dangerous: Rock Paper Scissors! Franki devotes his time to being the best at his chosen sport. With an upcoming Philly regional competition looming, he prepares to dominate the field and perhaps get to the international competition in Canada.

This Is My Cheesesteak
( USA, 2008, 40 min , Ben Daniels )

In this town, fist-fights have erupted, friendships have been destroyed and families have been brought together over their chosen steak. While this film covers the sandwich’s rise to glory, the focus here is on Philly’s cheesesteak elite, from the lovable Tony Luke Jr. to the controversial icon, Joey Vento, and every major player in between. The result is a portrait of this city’s devotion and a terrific documentary for viewers wit’ or wit’out a love of steaks.

Eye of the Tiger, Thrill of the Fight (Trailer)

Partially shot on the familiar steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this upcoming feature dramatizes a locally-set reality TV series that leaves several people dead. This preview will whet your appetite.

Cheesesteak Challenge: A Scriptural Defense

Cheesesteak ChallengeSeveral of us from the Philly area went out yonder (6 hours yonder) to near the Ohio state line in order to join with 6 other Houses Of Prayer in PA. Special thanks to Dennis and Ralph at the Altar HOP in Meadville for pulling off something unpredented in recent history around here.

We had ourselves a blast, what with all our declarations, proclamations, and other utterances. At one point our generous team even had an altar call of sorts for anyone who would like to try to beat the living tar out of the timpani in the front and obliterate the worship band’s rhythmic cohesion in the process.

Yet at one point in the weekend, my disciples came unto me saying something like, “why dost thou offerest the cheesesteak challenge, whilst Jamie’s disciples fast?” And verily I did speak, saying the same:

Did not our Lord speak, saying that we shouldst use our mammon to make ourselves friends amongst the heathen? So that they might find the truth and have eternal rewards?

And should I not use my resources to recognize and reward those, yea those even in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, who do not cease to pray night and day for the harvest?

And is not the Cheesesteak a principality over our city? And are not those who partake of its gluttonies in need of deeper soul food? Are not its proprietors and workers themselves members of an Unreached People Group?

Yet I was somewhat reviled at first, until I was able to find said passage in Luke 16:9.

I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

Now, it DID take me a few minutes to find the scripture, without being distracted by taunts and false lifelines (“maybe it’s in Hezekiah 2:14!” “have you tried Isaiah 67?”) but in the end the scripture was proclaimed, and my detractors were silenced.

And then we all discovered the local Steak & Shake, which almost none of us had ever seen before.

Life in Bucks County

Well a couple things have made for a more comfortable life here in the burbs.

1. I just saved about $200/year on my auto insurance by switching to Yardley. Thanks, Geico!

2. It is WAY easier to get around out here. They actually have 4 lane roads. I can travel twice the distance in the same amount of time.

3. Lots of retail out here. A couple malls that I don’t go to, 2 Targets, 2 Walmarts, and even Steve’s Prince of Steaks. What’s not to love?

30 Days to IHOP / Joseph Company

[NOTE – this post has been updated HERE]

Well I finally have a bit of time on my hands and am putting the perks of being an independent consultant in front of me. I’m headed to the next Joseph Company retreat at the end of May in Kansas City. Gonna get some prayer, impartation, motivation, consecration, integration, habitation, manifestation, and other things ending in -tion.

2nd Time Around

International House of PrayerIt has been 5 years since I have visited the IHOP and back then it was very different. I recall sleeping intermittently through the nightwatch until the “warring in the spirit” was so intense that I had to get up and shokle in my chair for another 20 minutes! They had all manner of comfy cushions and pillows on the perimeter of the room which was ideal for my 36 hour trip down there.

What I did in the ’02 Trip

I stayed in the prayer room and plugged in the whole time except for a tour of the Shiloh property that my friend Gregg gave me. Another highlight was former Clevelander Ed allowing me to sit in on a prayer team prep meeting before their slot. Since I was helping to build the Cleveland HOP at the time I really appreciated that opportunity to see how a team would prepare for ministry.

One Bummer

One thing that was not really a highlight was that I was wanting to just plain talk to people and ask various questions. I understood that plenty of people just show up and leave from out of town all the time so that could be tiresome, but there was another factor: Soon after my arrival I read a posted announcement regarding “40 days of glorious fasting in the grace of God”. This was not really about fasting from food as much as other things I had never heard of one fasting from: unnecessary staff meetings, unnecessary conversations, legitimate forms of recreation, and oxygen… well maybe not oxygen. So as a result I did not find people to be too talkative which was a minor bummer!

What I Learned

Basically I learned that every prayer room has the same basic dynamics and frustrations… overzealous visitors, people hogging the mic too long, unauthorized transient visitors, to name just a couple. It was refreshing. Plus, this was a suburban IHOP a few miles from the city line, and there were the same sorts of challenges as having a prayer room in the city.

The Cheesesteak Challenge… in KC?

I’m due to come down there in late May, and for any readers in the area I am contemplating holding a local challenge, NOT of the cheesesteak variety, but one involving free food at a popular local eatery that does not exist in Philly… so stay tuned!

Damage Control…

BTW, the previous post on Philadelphia city taxes was not intended to dissuade intercessors from moving here!

The Cheesesteak Challenge is still a possibility for you. cheesesteak challenge

Having the only handful of Authentic Cheesesteak Establishments (ACEs) in the world will surely take a bite out of the “pay to pray” culture here (pun not originally intended, but sustained). I did move INTO the city because I believe my prayers are more effective if it costs me something, and I am definitely feeling the pain right now!

cheesesteakHowever my favorite cheesesteak joint is down the street and I have recently thought up a new proposal for the city… to be disclosed in a future post of course!

john kerry eating a cheesesteak for votes in philadelphia he would have gotten anywayHere is that shot of John Kerry attempting to eat a cheesesteak during the last election year. And what elf has been causing Kerry/Edwards stickers to disappear from all those cars out there?

Alliances… & new blogs

Those of you who are longtime CBB readers have been subjected to untold angst at my attempts to find like-minded prayer worshipers out here among about 6 million people.

Just wanted to commend my “Bodybuilder” friends and their fledgling blog to you for another perspective on prayer here in Philly. After being back in PA for 3 years I have finally connected with them and their longtime ministry. Also for an update on the 24/7 week at Temple go to the 24 philly blog. Any other Philly prayer bloggers out there? Let’s all grab a cheesesteak!


Another Cheesesteak Post

OK, Twice in the past week I have compromised on my cheesesteak principles.

1. Ate “Steakumms” (homemade steak sandwich) on Friday evening. This is a yummy treat but I conclude does not pass the ACE (authentic cheesesteak experience) test.

2. I went to a place after church today that sells cheesesteaks along with pizza, and other hoagies and such. The company I was with was top notch (friends of mine from church), I must say. I have realized that there are many places in this region and city that sell cheesesteaks but not exclusively. They will sell you something that looks just like a cheesesteak, and smells like a cheesesteak, but the result just isn’t the same.

It is important to note that ACEs have several characteristics noted in other posts. If an establishment is lacking in 3 or more of these features, the cheesesteak product is inferior.

So the result is the same – heartache, or just heartburn. Not a real cheesesteak.

Last Day for the Challenge

Wednesday is alas, the final day of the Cheesesteak Challenge. Thank you all for your interest in this wonderful contest. I enjoyed it immensely.

Thoughts On Daniel

I posted this over at Sean’s blog. Sean is a wanna-be winner of the Cheesesteak Challenge who lives in Iowa and is most likely not going to make it out here to Philly in the next week to win the challenge. He was talking about Daniel and it so happens that I am also studying his slick navigation of the corporate world. It was a bummer that the IHOP webcast was not working this morning because I was looking forward to the workplace intercession. Anyway here is a little about Daniel.
I learn a lot about his TACT and PERSISTENCE in navigating the corporate world (it was actually the palace/educational system but it works for the corporate world too).

1. Daniel has a Dietary conviction based on God’s word
2. The Powers that be and peer pressure are in conflict with this, and would not be sympathetic with a plea for “respecting my religious convictions”. The argument must be what’s in it for THEM.
3. Daniel is in association with other likeminded buddies with the same convictions. Between the lines, this undoubtably helps with standing up to the Man.
4. Daniel tactfully approaches the department head with the request and is shot down.
5. Daniel is not deterred, and he figures out another plan. I think this is a little bit shrewd of him.
6. Daniel goes Under that guy’s head (not Over his head) and finds an unsuspecting guard in a lower position who has less responsibility and less at stake personally.
7. Through persuasion (and I would kind of like to (extra-biblically) surmise, the “Jedi Mind Trick”) Daniel is able to talk the guy’s language, and this dude gets to look like the Man because after 10 days the guys he supervises are smarter, better looking, and stronger than the rest.

Actually I feel compelled to attempt an exceedingly wimpy version of a Daniel fast at work. Instead of my beloved Tortillini with hot peppers and hot sauce and romano cheese, I am going to eat Albacore Tuna right out of the can for a month, and see if that helps my improving job situation. The tortillini is really good but really lowers my energy level. So today I bought about 15 cans of Tuna and will bring a small closet’s worth of breath mints to work as well.

And that is just the start of the book! As a side note, I do not think even Daniel would consent to the Cheesesteak Challenge, because he invented the Daniel Fast, which is intolerant to Cheesesteaks. Fortunately we are not under the ceremonial law anymore, right?!? I do not claim that a cheesesteak will increase your intelligence! CBB