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Cheesesteak Challenge Winner, Part 2

Part 2: Here is the first WINNER of the Cheesesteak Challenge:

Winner of Cheesesteak Challenge
Jamie is a worship leader out here who has been doing 12 and 24 hour prayer sessions locally for close to a decade now. When I first moved to Philly 3 years ago I found out about his past involvement and briefly swapped emails a couple times but never got to meet him… until last month!

I recently found out about a Friday Night 8-12 that they do at his church only 15 minutes away from me (in Philly, NOTHING is only 15 minutes away!).
He also showed up for my Friday 2-4pm set at the Temple HOP. The TUHOP is currently under 10 structured hours per week, so I continue to maintain that Philly is the largest city without a significant HOP presence. This HOP is about 3 miles north of center city Philadelphia, which is a very sweet spot for prayer. Conversational highlights included the following:

1. How God has been raising up 24/7 in Philly, under the radar

2. Speculations on what the prayer movement in Philly is really like in terms of Ethnicity, Style, Focus and Vision

3. Prophetic Hip/Hop and Intercessory Rap (neither of us is adept at this as you can see from the photo)

4. The role of the Cheesesteak in eschatology (the End Times)

Jamie concurs with my theory that the last commercial subsector to hold out against the mark of the Beast will be Authentic Cheesesteak Joints (ACJs). This is because one of the marks of an ACJ (pun intended) is to take CASH ONLY. I put this to the test, paying for the challenge with a $50 dollar bill. The guy didn’t even flinch at this large denomination, which is often refused by credit card-friendly merchants.

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT for the Cheesesteak Challenge!

Cheesesteak Challenge Winner, Part 1

Well the Cheesesteak Challenge is going strong. I appreciate all the comments and interaction this blessed challenge has wrought so far.

Cheesesteak ChallengeMany of you are unable to make it to Philly during February for the challenge and I must say in the words of the late Phil Hartman (Bill Clinton impersonator) of SNL, “Ah feel your pain…”


The Challenge was imbibed at Steve’s Prince of Steaks, one block west of Cottman (rt 73) on Bustleton in the City of Philadelphia.

Steve’s is without question a legitimate establishment, boasting

Steve’s Prince of Steaks

  1. Cash Only,
  2. Extensive Condiment Bar
  3. Metallic External Appearance
  4. Ordering Protocols (strictly enforced)

The Condiment Bar

Who will be the next winner? Stay tuned. Also please take a moment to study the photo on the right because you will see many of the features that make Steve’s Prince of Steaks such a reputable institution.

In PART 2 of this post you will meet the first Winner of the Challenge, which ENDS at the end of February.

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT for the Cheesesteak Challenge!

At Panera

I am beginning to enjoy life a bit more than during my previous post. I went in the prayer line at church yesterday to receive prayer for some personal issues I had discerned relative to my approach to the job. Had a guest speaker there, and I didn’t really feel like going forward, but churches out here don’t really upen up the altars that much.

 Anyhow I ended up getting slammed pretty good, and during recovery I got a very simple, profound download from Above that summarized the heart of the issue. It was the clearest, fastest answer to prayer that I can recall in the last 5 years! Even after that I woke up at 3 am and got a practical strategy to solve future problems at work!

Also –

During the service, this guest speaker was talking about… what could it be… but how he and his staff in coming off an extended fast in a distant state received untold spiritual edification from… a CHEESESTEAK!!! Yes, I heard it was a CHEESESTEAK!


In addition, and as an additional second confirmation I have just learned about an as yet unsubstantiated theory concerning the role of Cheesesteak in the End Times.

Since I do not want to have my name showing up on one of those “discernment” websites (at least not yet) I will not publicly endorse taking doctrinal sides regarding culinary foods and their role in the end times. But the view seems more plausible the more I think about it!

 CELL PHONE UPDATE: I am down to just 90 minutes left. I will have to refill next month at this rate! If you didn’t read the original post I last filled it in November.

FRUGALITY UPDATE: I am at Panera, and eschewed the $7 sandwich and the diabolically high $9 Crispani Pizza for a French Onion soup in a breadbowl. Under 5 bucks. No drink though, I’m getting thirsty.

WHAT I AM UP TO UPDATE: On my way in 1 hour to Washington Crossing for Soaking prayer. They have played the same cd’s for the past 2 weeks in a row. One of them I suspect features a former girlfriend and her unnamed friends (this cd is everywhere, I am glad we are still friends) and that most un-soakable of TBN artists, Dino.

Snap Preview is Disabled

Taking a cue from Mr. Blanc, who swears against the offending Snap Preview popups, I am ridding CBB of them for the time being.

Cheesesteak Challenge

I know it’s still Global Bridegroom Fast time, but today begins week 2 of the Cheesesteak Challenge! Mmmm!

February 1: The CHALLENGE is on!

Today is Day 1 of the Cheesesteak Challenge. Prior cheesesteak postings HERE

The Cheesesteak Challenge

I’ve noticed a few things about Philly.

1. Largest city in the country (6 million in metro, 1.5 in city limits) withOUT a house of prayer.

2. Other than a handful of indiginous locals, not too many people on the national prayer/prophetic/worship scene pass through here.

3. A lot of locals really do care about the city and are moving in from the suburbs, waiting for God’s strategy.

It is in this spirit that I have created the Challenge.

*** If you are an intercessory missionary (20 or more hrs/wk) and in the area for a visit during February, I want to meet you!

*** Leave a comment, and I will buy you a cheesesteak when you visit.

*** If you know of someone who would fit this description and enjoy such an experience, forward this post.

*** If you are a likeminded local with a history of prayer & getting things done toward this end, let me know as well!

*** I will figure out a way to accomodate vegans who qualify for the Challenge.

Countdown: 2 Days Until…

The Cheesesteak Challenge

Thursday begins the madness! Tomorrow I will be discussing / mapping out the Approved locations for an ACE. See the Terms & Conditions here.

Networking prayer, one The Cheesesteak Challenge at a time.

Cheesesteak Week: Saturday – Consummation

5. Consummation
Eating your cheesesteak without dousing your trousers and shirt with grease stains requires patience. This is a huge ordeal, and it won our Governor Rendell political points when he deftly downed a bad boy on the spot in front of the cameras during the primaries.Kerry Cheesesteak Attempt John Kerry, on the other hand, bore the brunt of local scorn when he asked for Swiss cheese (the only acceptable cheeses to order are American, Mozz, Provolone, or Whiz). It is my suspicion that this may have tipped the election results of 2004 in favor of the Republicans. Although Kerry carried Pennsylvania by large margins, I believe that displaced Philadelphians in other states were galvanized elsewhere. The real result of this was that until the recent collapse of the Republican party in November 06, John Kerry bumper stickers adorned many a car, up to 11% of automobiles by unofficial estimates. Those Kerry bumper stickers mysteriously vanished from almost all of those cars by December 2006.

Cheesesteak Week: Friday – The Condiments & The Roll

Cheesesteak Challenge Week continues…cherry-peppers.gif

3. The Condimentscheesesteak2.jpg
This is really what separates a true cheesesteak from a False steak. There must be at least 2, no three – varieties of peppers in their respective jars. I’m talking big, petrified (hot), cherry peppers, stems and all, available for consumption. Some also have pickles, sweet peppers and other things, but it is the availability of hot peppers and hot sauce that will separate True cheesesteak experiences from the false ones.

4. The ROLL
The roll is either a “Torpedo” Roll or one made at the Amoroso bakery in Philly. Only these rolls are capable of stewarding the delicious meats while providing the consistancy needed for the authentic cheesesteak experience.

Cheesesteak Challenge Week: Informative Article

Cheesesteak ChallengeCheesesteak Challenge Week has been interrupted by the $10 Cell Phone posting, but I will give all you readers out there some juicy material – David Patrone, a displaced tenor in California, has written more truth about the Cheesesteak than I have ever seen. The language is salty at times, but it’s a good read nonetheless.

Check it out here.

CCW: Tuesday| Ordering a Cheesesteak


2. The Order

Another mark separating the False cheesesteak is the ordering experience. If you are able to order it sitting down from a waiter, it is a False cheesesteak. If you are permitted to stutter and stammer when ordering your first cheesesteak, then let the reader understand that you are about to have a False cheesesteak experience. A TRUE cheesesteak establishment is run like the “Soup Nazi”Ordering Instructions from Seinfeld. soup-nazi.jpgYou will notice detailed directions on the wall that will reduce your ordering time down to 4 words or less. “One, whiz, wit” in the Cheesesteak dialect communicates one’s desire for a single footlong cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz, with Fried Onions.


Cheesesteak Challenge


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Coming up Wednesday: Condiments and the Roll