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Damage Control…

BTW, the previous post on Philadelphia city taxes was not intended to dissuade intercessors from moving here!

The Cheesesteak Challenge is still a possibility for you. cheesesteak challenge

Having the only handful of Authentic Cheesesteak Establishments (ACEs) in the world will surely take a bite out of the “pay to pray” culture here (pun not originally intended, but sustained). I did move INTO the city because I believe my prayers are more effective if it costs me something, and I am definitely feeling the pain right now!

cheesesteakHowever my favorite cheesesteak joint is down the street and I have recently thought up a new proposal for the city… to be disclosed in a future post of course!

john kerry eating a cheesesteak for votes in philadelphia he would have gotten anywayHere is that shot of John Kerry attempting to eat a cheesesteak during the last election year. And what elf has been causing Kerry/Edwards stickers to disappear from all those cars out there?

Thoughts on the ‘Hoff

The Glory of the ‘HoffMy friend Molly has written an endearing acrostic to honor her personal feelings toward this great American actor and singer.

I could not resist the urge to warn her of a certain Internet Rumor with its origin back in the mid-90’s. I think many of the arguments have stood the test of time, personally.

Hoff is the AntiChrist

The teaching is, “David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist… and I have the Proof”. It uses numerology based upon the Revelation of John, and Psalms 37 (who knew “Baywatch” was in Psalm 37?) to prove these diabolical truths.

Now I don’t hold an M.Div or anything, but I take all such teachings seriously!

Hassling the Hoff
I also am pleased to say that I ebayed Season I of Knight Rider yesterday afternoon for total sum of just $17.50. Now I will finally get to find out who shot “Michael Long” and of the mysterious origins of KITT.