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The Challenge is ON!

This is it!International House of Prayer

First 3 KC IHOP commenters win free food at the location of your choice! The winning vote gets it.

This is for lunch on Monday the 28th, hours before the beginning of the fast.

Options already suggested include Waldo, Jack Stack, some juice place, or another place that strikes your fancy.

Just a way of saying “thank you” for all you intercessors. Who’s in?

Automatic Winners… Stay Tuned!

I realize I’m stringing you along here on the Challenge…  The Culinary Challenge  is imminent… but not today!Winners

At this time I would like to announce a few honorary winners –

Shoutout to the following people –

Shawn Blanc of FTSA – Thanks for pulling my name in your contest!

Molly Mosack of Macaroni & Cheese  – For the Cleveland connection awhile back…

Randy Bohlender of Stuff I Think – For returning to the bloggosphere… and fearlessly ministering to the Burning Man.

Ed Hackett – For being so cool and showing me around last time I was in town.

Gregg Stone – For being similarly cool and showing me around last time I was in town.

Andy Cominsky – Haven’t met you yet, but would love to pick your brain about how to minister to the alternative community in Philadelphia.

Each of the previously named people have an open invitation for lunch, coffee, juice bar etc… if you have a spouse they are automatically in on the deal if you want. Priority for Sunday lunch & dinner given to commenters!

Hint: There is a certain burrito spot that I have missed since I left Cleveland…

Cheesesteak Challenge Winner, Part 2

Part 2: Here is the first WINNER of the Cheesesteak Challenge:

Winner of Cheesesteak Challenge
Jamie is a worship leader out here who has been doing 12 and 24 hour prayer sessions locally for close to a decade now. When I first moved to Philly 3 years ago I found out about his past involvement and briefly swapped emails a couple times but never got to meet him… until last month!

I recently found out about a Friday Night 8-12 that they do at his church only 15 minutes away from me (in Philly, NOTHING is only 15 minutes away!).
He also showed up for my Friday 2-4pm set at the Temple HOP. The TUHOP is currently under 10 structured hours per week, so I continue to maintain that Philly is the largest city without a significant HOP presence. This HOP is about 3 miles north of center city Philadelphia, which is a very sweet spot for prayer. Conversational highlights included the following:

1. How God has been raising up 24/7 in Philly, under the radar

2. Speculations on what the prayer movement in Philly is really like in terms of Ethnicity, Style, Focus and Vision

3. Prophetic Hip/Hop and Intercessory Rap (neither of us is adept at this as you can see from the photo)

4. The role of the Cheesesteak in eschatology (the End Times)

Jamie concurs with my theory that the last commercial subsector to hold out against the mark of the Beast will be Authentic Cheesesteak Joints (ACJs). This is because one of the marks of an ACJ (pun intended) is to take CASH ONLY. I put this to the test, paying for the challenge with a $50 dollar bill. The guy didn’t even flinch at this large denomination, which is often refused by credit card-friendly merchants.

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT for the Cheesesteak Challenge!

Stay Tuned… Coming to CBB Next Week

The Cheesesteak Challenge

With this CBB blog poised to host its 1000th visitor next week, I have some special posts on deck:

1. Cell Phone on $10/month

2. The Cheesesteak Challenge

3. And Even More to Come!

So keep your eyes peeled for some great material that just might benefit you. See you Monday!