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Saving Money: Dining

Since my $10/month cell phone ideas generated some response, I’ll mention three ways I have saved $$$ in the fast food/dining department.

1. Water. Tap water. Keep a bunch of it in your car (bottled is OK here!), or get non-bottled (free) water at the restaurant. Will save you around $2. If you have a family, train your spouse and kids to order “water, please” – save $2 / head.  If you are dating, ignore these rules unless you want to see how tolerant your significant other is of your Scrooge-like frugality.

2. Order from the Dollar menu in the drive through. Again, train your family. “How many Whopper Jr’s do you want, kids?” Or you can buy a $7 combo meal complete with enough sugared carbonation to wreck your immune system for the rest of the evening/afternoon.

3. This one is a bit embarrassing… went to Panera the other day for their wi-fi. Was hungry. Coffee and a sandwich at Panera would be about $8, which is less than what Starbucks charges for a 24 hour wifi pass. Still I saved a couple bucks courtesy of #1 above and the BK drive through. Spent $2 on Whopper Jr’s rather than $6.50 on a high end gourmet sandwich. Still, I plopped down $4 on coffee and the irresistable chocolate roll.

4. Not really a money saver, but I now keep a supply of granola bars in the car which streamlines breakfast into my commute. The 12 pack of water is also on hand to ward off thirst and keep me lubed and healthy.