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Is This Tie Abominable?

"Reti(e)ring" the tie

"Reti(e)ring" the tie

Apparently it must be. I was walking into my girlfriend’s center city apartment and the security guard hassles me about the tie. Actually he was more subtle than that. “Nice tie” he said as my gf was walking out to greet me. She instantly zeroed into this tie.

Now I have had more success with floral type ties in the past, particularly with the female gender. Apparently it is the color and the texture of this tie that is just unacceptable. However she did concede that the green of the tie does match the shirt.

So this tie is apparently on its way to the Sal-Val. I think one of my brothers pawned it off on me.

I just wanted to get this off my chest… ugh, didn’t see that coming.