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I’ve Never Fasted from a Car Before

…but I am this week. Feeling extremely claustrophobic as well. It was so bad yesterday that I briefly snapped at my mother (sorry mom!) when she asked me if I was eating right.

Philly Car Share


But there may be help – Philly Car Share is the largest citywide car sharing program in the universe. You sign up for free or for $15 bucks a month for a discounted rate. You can rent a hybrid for up to 24 hours and 200 miles for… $30 bucks. Amazing. It gets even better when you find out that Fuel is Included.

The catch?

None in theory. But in my case, I need to get to a parking lot, and there are none around here.

So it works out this way:

:20 Walk to the train (get there 10 minutes early)

:20 Take it to Center City (one of dozens of lots)

:20 Walk to the lot and get the car

So as you can see, if I lived near a parking lot with these cars in it, it would be a snap. This also forces me to master the public transportation grid out here.

I would suggest that you even sign up from out of state if you are planning to visit Philly and need a rental. $30 per day.


Unofficial “The Call” in Philly this Friday

Anybody who took part in The Call Nashville via attendance or active webcast participation is welcome to join a handful of us this Friday night, 7-10pm – location TBD soon. Informal worship, prayer, impartation, and fasting is what’s on the menu.

good ole philadelphiaWe have got to bring the “seal of Love” to the “City of Love” and build each other up. We have got to stick together from now on!  I can feel the impact of Saturday getting more elusive already, but we can cultivate this thing locally. Struggles that I have had for decades have been winnable this week. Something happened on Saturday and I am not gonna let this wear off!

Spotted on the Picnic Table…

An unopened pack of Junior Mints! Right there in the park pavilion.

Junior MintsOf course this happens on fasting day. I left it there for the next person. Had it not been for Lou’s exhortation which I viewed this morning, I may have snatched for my own wicked purposes.

Junior Mints?!? A Seinfeld episode comes to mind…

IHOP, Day 4

OK, am I hitting the wall here?

A couple things hit me today –

1. I am under some self-imposed pressure or burden to do some effective prayer while I am here. I think that this is NOT a bad thing even though it is a “works” oriented pressure. I feel like there is a window for me to settle some things and I’m just enjoying the music instead.

2. When I decided to go for it and pace and pray for the issues (blessing my clients, praying for healing for various people including my Uncle), I realized that I was out of sync with the room. They were praying for a release for other HOPs and I was praying my checklist.

3. I am used to praying for anything I want to, anytime I want to, and it was bizarre to be constrained in this way. “Well just walk around the block and pray” you say, and that is certainly what I can do. I just never had that constraint before, even when I was building other HOPs.

4. It sure is easy down here to fast when everyone else is doing it. It is a completely different dynamic than what I am used to. The secrecy factor is missing. However I’m starting to reach new personal territory on this 4th day (I started early). This may be why I’m starting to get a bit antsy. Krusty the demon is around but not as empowered as he is in my natural environs.

5. Perhaps the mental weakness issue is more significant down here since everyone is scaling back for the fast and it is normal. “So why am I getting jacked around in the head?” Because this isn’t a walk in the park, even though the social dynamics/peer pressure makes it easier to enter. Everything seems fine, but I have been a bit irked from time to time.

6. Going deep vs. sanity. Which should I choose? Gotta think about preparing to re-enter the east coast Monday which requires a bit of physical strength.

Anyone care to validate or give their $.02 on this???

The Challenge is ON!

This is it!International House of Prayer

First 3 KC IHOP commenters win free food at the location of your choice! The winning vote gets it.

This is for lunch on Monday the 28th, hours before the beginning of the fast.

Options already suggested include Waldo, Jack Stack, some juice place, or another place that strikes your fancy.

Just a way of saying “thank you” for all you intercessors. Who’s in?

Foiled Again!

International House of PrayerTo all you IHOP denizens who have subscribed to CBB in hopes of cashing in on FREE food during my visit (May 26 – June 3) in the spirit of the famed “Cheesesteak Challenge” –

We’re gonna need some creativity to make this work.

Perhaps a member of the Sanhedrin could figure a solution.
The IHOP started as 10 trailers smacked together

You can read about the original challenge and my first visit to the firetrap glorious “IHOP 1.0” in 2002 in this post. Basically it rocked, except that no one wanted to talk much due to a 40 day fast from food, meetings, conversations, and other legitimate forms of recreation as I recall. I thought that was fairly cool and intense and understood the premise of what they were up to “in the grace of God”. To foster goodwill and friendship upon my arrival, I announced a Special Dispensation of a Culinary Challenge.


It seems that I’m yet again arriving just in time for another 40 day fast (I hate when that happens 🙂 ). If I read my special bulletin correctly,

“We will be launching this [40 day] fast with a worldwide simulcast on God TV on May 26.”Lou Engle

Well golly if that ain’t the day the good folks at Southwest drop me off in KCMO. I find sometimes that Lou’s communications are sometimes contradicting, and sure enough, earlier in the bulletin it describes the fast commencing May 28 in the evening, which is Monday night.

So I need some counsel here. I’m too lazy to track back 40 days from 7/7/7 on my calendar, and even if I did, my accounting will pale against whatever the official dates are.

Question: Can we figure out a way to make this work? There are 2 possibilities:

  1. IF the fast starts on Monday pm, the Challenge will occur before Monday evening, which works fine – The Challenge is ON!
  2. If it starts upon my arrival Saturday pm on the 26th, the challenge would likely consist of a trip to the local juicing bar or a pathetic cup of steaming brown liquid. I do not expect such an offer to tantalize any savvy CBB reader. This original Challenge is much too grand to work even under “Daniel fast” guidelines!steakjoint.jpg

However I can all but guarantee that if any of you came to Philly, there would not be any fasting mandate whatsoever to prohibit the gluttony and dullness of spirit that comes from a cheesesteak. If there were, I am sure this city would not be leading the nation in murder rates.

OK, so please somebody find out the scoop here. I don’t want to encourage anyone to stumble over food here, so before further Challenge announcements, I need proof of the correct dates.

Anyone with an acceptable suggestion that would appeal to people within the cultural bounds, let me know!

The Tuna Challenge

The Tuna Challenge is on! The only person taking up this challenge is ME. I was convicted of the Lord after reading the Book of Daniel that my normal work lunch diet of Tortellini, Vodka sauce, Hot Cherry Peppers, and Red Hot was not conducive in this time period with my prayers to receive wisdom and revelation for increased job performance as Daniel did. I would tend to go into a carb coma for the early afternoon.The Tuna Challenge

I started thinking about a Daniel fast, and although this is fish meat, I think the Lord (and my metabolism) will honor this considerable sacrifice on my part during the 10 hours or so of my working day. My caveat is that the Red Hot stays. It makes this sacrifice bearable, because I would rather fast through lunch than eat dry tuna, and have done the former more often for the past 2 weeks. I have heard this type of “fasting” derided by others as the “I forgot to eat” fast, and am prone to agree that it holds little if any spiritual value.

Red Hot helps me eat tunaYes, this is a bit unusual, and I am going to open up this post for your comments regarding my prior working diet and your speculations concerning the new “improved” diet. This will be observed for the next 40 [working] days, through Holy week of “easter”. You are also welcome to join me on the Tuna Challenge, you do not need to visit the east coast either!

OK, let me have it… whatd’ya think of all this???