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Who was on Keys at the 6-8am slot Thursday?

Any idea how hard it is to get any work done when you’re watching the GBF on the IHOP webcast? Well whoever was playing keyboard must’ve had some interesting stuff in his protein shake. It was reminiscent of good ol’ “Dr. Teeth” from the muppets particularly in the style of righteously groovin’ funk that was coming out of that instrument. I didn’t know that you could actually pray along with music of such high-octane funk caliber. Or to paraphrase a popular song… “If [praying along with funky music] is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”

Unfortunately I really needed to get some work done, and so my webcast came to an end.

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Snap Preview is Disabled

Taking a cue from Mr. Blanc, who swears against the offending Snap Preview popups, I am ridding CBB of them for the time being.

Cheesesteak Challenge

I know it’s still Global Bridegroom Fast time, but today begins week 2 of the Cheesesteak Challenge! Mmmm!

Thank you, 10am PrayerSlot persons!

I’m on board with the Global Bridegroom Fast after a 2 month hiatus.  I didn’t even attempt this in December, and last month was New Year’s, so I wimped out for that too.

Whoever was on the 10am and 2 pm slots especially today was hitting the spot! I have the luxury of dialing into the webcast during work courtesy of the minimized Windows Media player, and hooked into those slots, which really made it tough to sit still in my seat and work like all the other good employees.

Really thankful to have a group of people with a structure for regular spiritual disciplines that I can connect to in a virtual way.