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Running Out…

This morning I went out for a run for the first time in a couple years, I will admit.
RunningHaving been working a demanding contract for awhile which left very little time to fit personal fitness in, I have finally gotten out.

My blissful feelings of invincibility faded after the 1/2 mile marker as my chest and legs pretty much gave up the ghost in tandem, leaving me wheezing and heaving at embarrassing decibel levels for the remainder of my jog.

Ironically, my jog is around 2 mid-sized hospitals. Fortunately I was not wheeled in there. I am also grateful for not losing yesterday’s lunch, which was a real possibility. Sorry for the TMI*

Dying Penniless

From Rick Joyner’s “Word for the Week” – Morningstar Ministries

I read up on his thoughts each week and find much of what he says to be profound. Currently this man is fulfilling God’s purpose in leading a team that is restoring Jim Bakker’s former PTL property that fell into disrepair in the 80’s.

For those of you reading this who don’t particularly care for Rick or his thoughts, please go on to another blog if you don’t mind!

This guy thinks big… and small!


“I have a personal vision for being entrusted with billions of dollars and even being able to pay off the debt of some nations in order to see the biblical prophecies fulfilled, and as a testimony of how the Lord paid the debt of the entire world.

However, I also have a personal goal of dying penniless.”

I did a double-take on that! That’s great. I think Bill Gates has a similar dream of giving almost all of his money away, or at least not to his kids!

For the whole essay, click here.