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Damage Control…

BTW, the previous post on Philadelphia city taxes was not intended to dissuade intercessors from moving here!

The Cheesesteak Challenge is still a possibility for you. cheesesteak challenge

Having the only handful of Authentic Cheesesteak Establishments (ACEs) in the world will surely take a bite out of the “pay to pray” culture here (pun not originally intended, but sustained). I did move INTO the city because I believe my prayers are more effective if it costs me something, and I am definitely feeling the pain right now!

cheesesteakHowever my favorite cheesesteak joint is down the street and I have recently thought up a new proposal for the city… to be disclosed in a future post of course!

john kerry eating a cheesesteak for votes in philadelphia he would have gotten anywayHere is that shot of John Kerry attempting to eat a cheesesteak during the last election year. And what elf has been causing Kerry/Edwards stickers to disappear from all those cars out there?