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Rebate Woes

I purchased a “free” internet virus blocker from the good folks at Staples, known for their easy rebates.  The CA software cost $50 bucks, but was covered by a $30 and a $20 rebate.

Imagine my recurring angst when I receive this postcard, in microscopic 8 point font:

Dear Customer:
Thank you for participating in this promotion.
Unfortunately, we could not honor your request due to the following reason(s):
$20 CA Rebate - Household limit exceeded
CA Rebate

Now this is the 8th time at least that I have

  1. Been lured in by a “free” product (usually software, flash memory or RAM)
  2. Carefully followed the directions so as not to lose the rebate
  3. Send in the rebate ASAP
  4. Wait
  5. (should have) created a file with a record / database of each rebate

There actually was a phone number, and I called it. On the second call (the first ended up with the automation hanging up on me) I was able to access a LIVE PERSON, which was amazing.

What was even more amazing is that after a 3 minute convo the rep says my rebate is actually valid and will come out to me in 15 days.

But then I thought some fishy thoughts, namely –

  1. For real?
  2. Was there really a problem here?
  3. Is that check already on its way, or did I need to phone it to register this error/complaint before expediting this process?
  4. What about all the other dud rebates I lo$t money on?

Has this ever happened to you?

Minutia Updates

…in case you’re wondering:

– Cell phone recharged last month, I still have 332 minutes left.

– I use Skype as much as possible, and paid up $30 for free US calling for 2007.

– Akismet has intercepted 330+ spam, a 100% track record.

More substantial posts to come, I took a bit of a break for holy week’s aftermath!