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The Impotence of One

Well, door #2 had it. The account must’ve expired. For those of you who didn’t read the previous post, here it is.1

The demeaning, sexist, and misogynistic myspace ads are back – I mean the worst ones from Maybe I’m getting a little too ticked about this to sustain loyal readers but I’ll risk it. Partially because I had a talk with a friend last night and realize even more how much this stuff really hurts women.

Here’s my second intolerant response:

Myspace –

Apparently your last message about having removed the “It’s not OK to stare” ads was temporary or untrue.

About one in three women are sexually assaulted in this country. When I as a man see ads that feature women as objects, it tempts me to dehumanize them. This ad is very bad for the self-esteem and safety of women. Can your marketing team understand that?

I could apologize for the intolerant tone of this email, but I won’t. I’m not “tolerant” of these demeaning ads. Please forward this email up your chain of command until someone who has loved ones such as a wife, mother, or daughter can stop your site from selling out to

I am not pleased with your lack of honesty in informing me that this content has been removed when it has not been.

Thank you very much.
Nathan / Rock Prophetic

If this  letter resonates with you, I dare you to copy the other letter in this post and send it from your myspace account. To do this, you need to click the “report inappropriate content” link from the inbox. Or perhaps you are just more tolerant than I am.

The Power of One

This post follows this post.1

Which do you think happened?

1. In response to our emails myspace has pulled its “It’s Not OK to Stare” ads.

2. The account was about to expire.


My sister informed me of the 2nd option.

Online Dating Week: myspace and Part 2

Could it be? I haven’t seen those misogynistic ads on myspace today. I received this note in my inbox. Are they indeed referring to the offensive video ads as “removed?”


MySpace Help

Date: May 17, 2007 8:40 AM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]

Subject: Report Abuse – Content
Body: Hello,We have received and reviewed your report of inappropriate content. This content has been removed.

We thank you for your support in helping to keep MySpace a safe and fun community!

Well, just for that I won’t add the “Spawn of Satan” tag to this myspace post! Did this really work? Not if the add returns next week. So now we’re just back to seeing Victoria Secret banners again on myspace. Progress?!?

Thanks for any of you who actually emailed myspace… it may have made at least a temporary difference!

Online Dating Week – / Open Letter to Myspace

This post updated here.

One of’s sponsors is . And yes, that IS “Dr. Phil” on the graphic. He is the “Neil Clark Warren” of can find you plenty of interesting people right down the street from you as soon as you want. That is a bit disconcerting after you have spent 3 months on eH being scientifically tested for 29 dimentions of compatibility. Too much too soon in my view!

But get hook you in. Unfortunately I don’t appreciate their “It’s Not OK to Stare” web ad campaign on and other places. This features a video starting off in an off-limits part of female anatomy and then zooming out to a “tsk tsk” tongue in cheek scolding flirty girl whose self esteem is so low that she takes this as flattery.

Imagine the implications for your little sister or daughter in such a culture as this 5 or 10 years from now. It is not acceptable.

So today I sent the marketing team at myspace another “Inappropriate Content” notice. This is what it said. There’s no copyright on this by the way, you can do the same. Or are you “tolerant” of this?

Dear Myspace:

This is another complaint about one of your sponsor ads,, specifically their “it’s not OK to stare” ads.

Although I fit the demographic as a single man, I don’t want their service – because of this campaign. It is demeaning to women to show them as objects by having videos starting off focusing on their breasts, up their skirts, and other parts of their body. Those on the team who have daughters might relate to the disgust I have about this.

Please don’t think that I am preaching or moralizing here. The temptation is an effective distraction for me, and even more so for younger men (I am in my 30’s). I’m just not very “tolerant” when it comes to exploiting women in this way, and yes, this is exploitation.

Please pass this note on to your marketing/advertising team and encourage them to find sponsors that do not make money off of disrespecting women.

Thank you,
Nathan aka Ironworks Piano

Move over Dobson…

This is from Brownback’s myspace campaign HQ page:


Michael W SmithNASHVILLE, Tenn. – U.S. Senator Sam Brownback announced today that he has enlisted the support of contemporary Christian singer and songwriter Michael W. Smith for his presidential campaign.

Michael W. Smith is a renowned contemporary Christian songwriter and artist. He has produced eighteen albums, ten books, and has won both the Grammy and Dove awards.

Senator Brownback is deeply honored to have earned Michael W. Smith’s endorsement. “Michael W. Smith is an exceptional leader who has profoundly impacted the lives of millions of Americans with his positive and hopeful message. No one has done more for Christian music over the past twenty years,” Brownback said.

Michael W Smith in 1990 or soBrownback continued: “Michael will be a key leader in the presidential campaign and will be an outstanding surrogate in promoting my conservative agenda to respect all innocent life, uphold marriage as the union of one man and one woman, expand individual liberty, institute a flat tax, and protect our nation against the threat of terrorists and jihadists.”

***a punk christian band
I’m glad someone besides Dobson, Robertson, and Falwell are nominating people for the Presidency!

But I’m waiting to vote for whoever receives the coveted “Reliant K” endorsement.

More MySpace Politicians

Barack Obama has been joined on myspace by the likes of:

  • Hillary
  • Tommy Thompson
  • John Edwards
  • Rudy
  • Dennis Kucinich
  • Sam Brownback
  • John McCain
  • Bill Richardson
  • Joe Biden
  • Chris Dodd
  • Mitt Romney

Who’s missing?

Obama Bookworms… To MYSPACE!

Obama’s Book

You’ve read “the Audacity of Hope”. You blogged it to fill the rest of us in. Although you don’t totally agree with Mr. Obama, you scored points with the rest of your fellow religious conservative blogger community Gen Xer’s for your tolerance and openmindedness, a coveted trait by most of us.

Now he can be your myspace “friend”, too!obama will be your myspace friend



At this very moment, you could be Barack’s friend #108017! Hurry up!

Never thought a poorly designed but popular networking site would double as the “town hall” meeting, but why not?
It’s sure cheaper than airtime! Hillary had better get her groove down to her local myspace if she wants to beat this guy!

This is a defining moment friends. Each generation makes its mark on the political process through its technology and culture. This is the moment of Generation Y or Z or whatever we call you.

You must hearken all… the way back to 1992 when as a high school senior and Clinton supporter (along with my dissenting Ivy League to be friends) I witnessed an unprecedented candidate for president deigning to be interviewed and questioned on… [gasp] MTV!


Rocking the Vote 

MTV! Such a thing had never happened before. MTV indeed!

At that time MTV only had one reality show (The Real World), the rest of it was a steady diet of Nirvana and Hole videos with some 10000 Maniacs thrown in for good measure. You also can’t forget the hip-hop and the rap.

MTV News Anchors - Kurt Loder & Tabitha SorenAnyway Tabitha Soren was the moderator for a group of politically minded MTV “Rock the Vote” youth, and at the end of the Bill Clinton live studio interview/open question session she had one last question for Bill:

Boxers or Briefs?

…Shock waves rumbled from DC or wherever that interview was throughout the land. Some punk X’er anchorwoman asked the future president what his underwear was.

Briefs. This is what they look like in case you don’t know.Upon his response, shock waves rumbled from every secondary school and college in the land… the president wears “briefs”. We asked, “what are ‘briefs'”? Underpants right? As opposed to boxers (those hybrid brief-boxers in the department store were not yet invented). I don’t think anyone called them “briefs” before.

So… what did this have to do with Obama?

So anyhow, getting back from the “brief” bunny trail to the subject of politics and techno/culture: I submit that Obama has acted, in a word that I have used thrice on this blog in conjunction with that blasted myspace, “shrewdly”. He and other politicians have changed future politics in doing so. Surely if he hadn’t someone else would.

Can you imagine what would happen if that porn spam hacker that slimed me and all my friends got a hold of Obama’s myspace page? Word to the wise!

Sara Groves on TV Spot

Wednesday night, while being subjected to another episode of American Idol, I saw a spot for La-Z-Boy sofas with a familiar country-ish sounding song on it… “All Right Here”.

Sara Groves -All Right Here album

‘What is that song” quoth I? After wracking my brain for awhile I realized it was none other than my longtime favorite CCM artist, Sara Groves. She has been my favorite for several years now and is one of the bright spots in the CCM industry due to her profound lyrical ability, insights on life, and choice of producers. My brother & sister-in-law featured some of her songs in their wedding (they also featured songs by Rick Astley, but I won’t even go there).

Rick Astley

Her songs ALL sound different and the form and instrumentation is so creative that her cd’s are a complete delight to experience. I can not write anywhere near this glowingly about any other CCM artist that comes to mind. One of her recently manifested passions is helping the poor in the 3rd world. Due to my “Bono Fatigue” (contracted while I was in the “young adults” demographic at a former church), I am looking for other artists to support and fill my mind with and Sara is at the top of the list.

So anyhow she has consented to selling this riff from her title track of a past CD for commercialization purposes. Why am I not condemning her for this? Because I’m pretty sure she did it to feed more hungry kids. Also I like that she didn’t “sell out” within CCM, she made some bucks and exposure in the corporate world, with La-Z-Boy. Shrewd. Did I mention that she also has a myspace page?

MySpace part Deux

Under the “Missing The Memo” Categorymemo

I made the mistake of “devil’s advocating” myspace as an extremely imperfect means of staying connected with friends, in a previous post. For this stance, myself and another commenter on another blog (an outstanding blog) were rather vigorously challenged for our worldly-sounding stance by the majority of that blog’s commenters (mostly like-minded prayer missionaries).

The episode ended when my myspace password was hacked by a pornographer who sent porn spam bulletins from my account to All my “friends”, including former pastors, long time worship leader heroes, some of which I had just met. Some of my heroes actually wrote me to warn me of what was happening, which was mortifying! I felt so bad!

I figured that’s what I get for advocating such a smut-friendly site, and backed off the issue. Actually I changed my stance on it from one of tolerance to basically cursing the day Myspace was born and calling it the “spawn of satan” in my meta-tag for the post.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I got my Joseph Company / IHOP newsletter, inviting me to visit their myspace page. Lo and behold, not only is there a JoCo page, but also an (official?) IHOP page, and even their emerging Forerunner ministry school/seminary has a myspace page, which is probably the first seminary to have a myspace (cool/not cool?!?).

Was I the only one trying not to pay attention to the Victoria’s Secret ads that consumed about 92% of the banner time last week? Needless to say, I didn’t get the memo.

For the record, I think the decision to venture onto turf where millions of people already are is shrewd, despite my unforgiveness toward myspace. Use what people are using, and hopefully change the system in the process – would it be so hard for the millions of myspace believers to give “Tom” some better marketing ideas for our niche community?

However one caveat: ministry myspace administrators, a word of advice – DON’T GET HACKED! Have a damage control plan in place when this happens!

…but Deliver Us from MySpace



I have been forced to cancel my Myspace account due to someone hacking into my account and spamming everyone – current rock heroes, former pastors, friends of up to 10 years of history – with porn spam, about 2 dozen of them.

Not very happy about this and I let “Tom”, the friendly founder of myspace, know about it as I cancelled. As great as it was to watch my list of “friends” grow, and even better to get requests from people who wanted to be my friend, it was lame to see that number go way down as people justifyably blocked me as a means of shielding themselves from the spam.

This myspace business seems to be unavoidable if you want to be connected to people, and I stuck my neck out to that end on a certain Blog frequented by fellow Prayer Addicts, many of whom questioned why anyone would subject themselves to the waste of time and soft porn ads that must be endured in order to interact with your friends on the site.

Well after being violated, it’s definitely not worth it. (Shawn, you tried to warn me, but I didn’t listen!) You can view the post and the thread in which I do a poor job of devil’s advocating why myspace might possibly be useful here.

Have you a gripe with myspace? Leave a horror story comment, or a second-hand one!