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24 Event this Friday & Saturday!

Come one come all to the PA Statewide 24!

I am currently securing a 2nd mortgage to finance a Cheesesteak Challenge for 2 very special intercessory families – that’s 9 cheesesteaks. Hopefully we have a bunch of pictures and stuff of this joyful occasion.


Cheesesteak Challenge: A Scriptural Defense

Cheesesteak ChallengeSeveral of us from the Philly area went out yonder (6 hours yonder) to near the Ohio state line in order to join with 6 other Houses Of Prayer in PA. Special thanks to Dennis and Ralph at the Altar HOP in Meadville for pulling off something unpredented in recent history around here.

We had ourselves a blast, what with all our declarations, proclamations, and other utterances. At one point our generous team even had an altar call of sorts for anyone who would like to try to beat the living tar out of the timpani in the front and obliterate the worship band’s rhythmic cohesion in the process.

Yet at one point in the weekend, my disciples came unto me saying something like, “why dost thou offerest the cheesesteak challenge, whilst Jamie’s disciples fast?” And verily I did speak, saying the same:

Did not our Lord speak, saying that we shouldst use our mammon to make ourselves friends amongst the heathen? So that they might find the truth and have eternal rewards?

And should I not use my resources to recognize and reward those, yea those even in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, who do not cease to pray night and day for the harvest?

And is not the Cheesesteak a principality over our city? And are not those who partake of its gluttonies in need of deeper soul food? Are not its proprietors and workers themselves members of an Unreached People Group?

Yet I was somewhat reviled at first, until I was able to find said passage in Luke 16:9.

I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

Now, it DID take me a few minutes to find the scripture, without being distracted by taunts and false lifelines (“maybe it’s in Hezekiah 2:14!” “have you tried Isaiah 67?”) but in the end the scripture was proclaimed, and my detractors were silenced.

And then we all discovered the local Steak & Shake, which almost none of us had ever seen before.

EFV ’07 Part 5: Live Free… or Pray Hard

In the middle of vacation the women of the family get together and craft doilies, needlepoint, play dolls, have spontaneous fashion shows, and get their faces and toenails painted.

Bruce WillisThe men of the family go out and see ACTION MOVIES. This year we selected “Live Free or Die Hard” starring tough guy Bruce Willis.


This movie features Bruce Willis singlehandedly foiling a terrorist plot and mentoring/fathering a young computer geek who cannot go 5 hours without eating something. In fact the wimp was begging for katsup packets halfway through the film. The enemy was a disgruntled Homeland Security guy who was trying to screw up our traffic system and bankrupt SSI funds.

Other action sequences feature Bruce Willis:

  • Preventing a 18 wheeler from jacknifingGood aim, Bruce Willis!
  • Outrunning a collapsing freeway
  • Driving an SUV down an elevator shaft
  • Launching a car off the toll booth to attack an enemy helicopter
  • Jumping out of that car to avoid perishing with said helicopter
  • Surfing down the wing of an F-15 jet onto the concrete below
  • Surviving an evening in Camden

My beef with all this stuff is that we somehow think we are immune to terrorism and so we pay $10 bucks to see the Capitol exploding, traffic lights malfunctioning, east coast power failure, and massive disaster of apocalyptic proportions. Just couldn’t shake this, and when it happens for real the question is “how could a loving God allow this to happen”.

Anybody want to learn how to pray effectively now? That way you will have some wisdom and peace when all hell is breaking out, even if you aren’t as tough as Bruce Willis.

Unofficial “The Call” in Philly this Friday

Anybody who took part in The Call Nashville via attendance or active webcast participation is welcome to join a handful of us this Friday night, 7-10pm – location TBD soon. Informal worship, prayer, impartation, and fasting is what’s on the menu.

good ole philadelphiaWe have got to bring the “seal of Love” to the “City of Love” and build each other up. We have got to stick together from now on!  I can feel the impact of Saturday getting more elusive already, but we can cultivate this thing locally. Struggles that I have had for decades have been winnable this week. Something happened on Saturday and I am not gonna let this wear off!

The Griping Ends, Effective Immediately!


Thank YouThanks for whomever just prayed for Philly! I’ll shut up about this now!

And whomever just prayed for “east coast cities”. This rocks!!!

Philadelphia is a Formerly Pro-Choice City

Apparently 5 of the 9 councilpersons voting for the “pro-choice resolution” have turned tail and jumped onto a 13-4 majority that chose to rescind that declaration. You can read into this all you want in terms of prophetic significance for the country. Apparently there IS a church around here and they DO care about something, and they are not as “tolerant” as I thought. So I am encouraged. Had to find out from Tony Perkins and the Family Council. This news was not played up in the local media.

How Close This Came to Failing…

Regarding Philadelphia’s city council decision to celebrate itself as a “Pro-Choice City”:

The proclamation came very close to failing. As the roll was called, Councilman Frank DiCicco paused for several moments, clearly agonizing over how to vote, before finally saying “aye.”

[so this guy didn’t even have his mind made up beforehand???]

Rigali’s [diocese of Philadelphia’s Bishop] letter called the “pro-choice” designation a “shameful label.”

“Philadelphia is experiencing homicide at a record rate; now is not the time to affirm the false choice of procured abortion,” his letter said.

“What’s shameful is to equate reproductive rights with homicide,” said Dayle Steinberg, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Planned Parenthood helped Brown draft the resolution, and Steinberg applauded Brown for having the “courage to introduce something that shouldn’t be controversial but is.”

[did you catch that? this is what is so deceptive about living on the east coast – these subtle insinuations that I should be ashamed of my convictions]

“We are certain that this resolution is reflective of the opinions of a majority of Philadelphians,” Steinberg said.

[but you have IMPOSED YOUR MORALITY upon ALL Philadelphians]

Once the resolution was approved, Philadelphia joined the ranks of a small group of mostly liberal California cities that have made similar proclamations, including Berkeley, Santa Cruz and West Hollywood.

[SF has yet to enact this resolution? what about Vegas or NYC?]


Who is there in this city that can let me know that stuff like this is being considered in ADVANCE? I’d rather be proactive and less “intolerant” in my retroactive angst. Plus, the Bible tells us that we need to be praying for our leaders instead of just blogging about them… If this was NOT a life and death issue, I might be a bit more civil in my postings.