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9 Cents a Mile

This might put a slight crimp in my enthusiasm for Philly Car Share – though it remains an absolutely brilliant concept.

Philly Car Share

Registered and picked up my “FOB” which is some gray plastic thing that opens and starts the car somehow on Friday. In the brochure it gives a small bit of information I had not seen despite scouring the website for such information:

  • $.09 / mile up to 200 miles
  • $.18 / mile over 200 miles

This makes a whole lot of sense, but I was a bit irked to see it now. Because for my situation where I need it for near weekly distance trips to client (100 mi rt), church (70 mi rt), or bimonthly trips to parents (270 mi rt), this unforeseen fee adds $10-30 to the overall rate. Still a great deal versus a car rental, but as a lifestyle it will surely add up.

I’m expecting to take my first trip Thursday morning to Wilmington and back. Will give a detailed report to the bloggership.

I’ve Never Fasted from a Car Before

…but I am this week. Feeling extremely claustrophobic as well. It was so bad yesterday that I briefly snapped at my mother (sorry mom!) when she asked me if I was eating right.

Philly Car Share


But there may be help – Philly Car Share is the largest citywide car sharing program in the universe. You sign up for free or for $15 bucks a month for a discounted rate. You can rent a hybrid for up to 24 hours and 200 miles for… $30 bucks. Amazing. It gets even better when you find out that Fuel is Included.

The catch?

None in theory. But in my case, I need to get to a parking lot, and there are none around here.

So it works out this way:

:20 Walk to the train (get there 10 minutes early)

:20 Take it to Center City (one of dozens of lots)

:20 Walk to the lot and get the car

So as you can see, if I lived near a parking lot with these cars in it, it would be a snap. This also forces me to master the public transportation grid out here.

I would suggest that you even sign up from out of state if you are planning to visit Philly and need a rental. $30 per day.