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Unofficial “The Call” in Philly this Friday

Anybody who took part in The Call Nashville via attendance or active webcast participation is welcome to join a handful of us this Friday night, 7-10pm – location TBD soon. Informal worship, prayer, impartation, and fasting is what’s on the menu.

good ole philadelphiaWe have got to bring the “seal of Love” to the “City of Love” and build each other up. We have got to stick together from now on!  I can feel the impact of Saturday getting more elusive already, but we can cultivate this thing locally. Struggles that I have had for decades have been winnable this week. Something happened on Saturday and I am not gonna let this wear off!

Evan Almighty: A Wacked Out Movie

Evan AlmightyUh… who thought this one up?

If you have a grid that tolerates or embraces the idea that God is able to speak to the culture through art, specifically movies, this one can really mess you up.

I’m not going to go into it, but I remember how “Pearl Harbor” came out before 911 attacks. It could have been God speaking to the country about sneak attacks and being prepared.

This movie was just audacious in terms of how God really does this prophetic thing, with all the awkwardness and ambiguity on the part of the poor unintended prophet.

To make things much more eerie, I stepped out of the theatre into the most massive Tstorm in years. This thing continued for about 2 hours, and I watched a small street sign blow over in the middle of it.

Prayer at Independence Hall

This was last month during the National Day of Prayer. My friends were rocking out in front of Independence Hall before the event started. Notice the giant mound of dirt. Several cool details to come in a future post. For now, here is a video of it. Great song by Don Potter to boot.

What Do I Do?

How do I do? Just fine, thank you.

What do I do? Basically I help people learn how to “brain dump” more efficiently. I do this by teaching them the principles of Instructional Design. These principles are heavily used in the field of eLearning.

I decided to give you a sample of what I do.

Prophecy TrafficLight

Keep in mind that this ppt. file contains ZERO interactivity, making it a rather poor example of eLearning. But for a quick overview of Instructional Design, it works quite well.

The rules are similar to public speaking – tell people what you Will tell them, Tell them, and tell them what you Told them.

This example is for a brief teaching for the prophetic team at my church north of Philly.

The only other instructional technique used here is the familiar symbol of a traffic light and the color codings, which correspond to the 3 stages of a prophetic word.

Interpret My Dream!

OK, so I had a dream a couple days ago. Who wants to take a shot at it?

a modern house I was in a modern style wood home with a vertical skylight window – a duplex. This home was worth $350K, and I thought it was a good deal for the money. I may have been back in Cleveland or it may have been here in Philadelphia. [property values are much more expensive in Philly obviously!]

Anyhow I was walking around in there and the owner comes in and I get weird feelings [because I realize I am basically intruding] and try to get out of there before there’s trouble. The owner sees me but lets me go without a problem although I felt that it was an awkward situation.

On the way out I realize there is not much living space in the house after all, because it is all open air except for a few rooms.

In other news…

1. Today CBB will flip over the 5000 mark. Thank you, faithful readers and subscribers, for this milestone!

2. Dino. I actually watched a bit of the “Dino” show on TBN as I was doing laundry in the basement last night. He had a 9 foot Yamaha piano with giant letters surrounding the piano. There was a “D”, an “I”, then an “N” and finally an “O”. Ack.

Alliances… & new blogs

Those of you who are longtime CBB readers have been subjected to untold angst at my attempts to find like-minded prayer worshipers out here among about 6 million people.

Just wanted to commend my “Bodybuilder” friends and their fledgling blog to you for another perspective on prayer here in Philly. After being back in PA for 3 years I have finally connected with them and their longtime ministry. Also for an update on the 24/7 week at Temple go to the 24 philly blog. Any other Philly prayer bloggers out there? Let’s all grab a cheesesteak!


Dying Penniless

From Rick Joyner’s “Word for the Week” – Morningstar Ministries

I read up on his thoughts each week and find much of what he says to be profound. Currently this man is fulfilling God’s purpose in leading a team that is restoring Jim Bakker’s former PTL property that fell into disrepair in the 80’s.

For those of you reading this who don’t particularly care for Rick or his thoughts, please go on to another blog if you don’t mind!

This guy thinks big… and small!


“I have a personal vision for being entrusted with billions of dollars and even being able to pay off the debt of some nations in order to see the biblical prophecies fulfilled, and as a testimony of how the Lord paid the debt of the entire world.

However, I also have a personal goal of dying penniless.”

I did a double-take on that! That’s great. I think Bill Gates has a similar dream of giving almost all of his money away, or at least not to his kids!

For the whole essay, click here.

Bloggin’ in the Prayer Room

A few hours ago I was in the middle of a “24” (24 hour prayer session). We do them monthly at one of the churches I go to (there are… FOUR!… yeah seriously). I know there are rules in other HOPs forbidding the practice of prayer room blogging, but we are not anywhere close to legislating such laws around here! I achieved the task of upgrading the blog Banner that you have undoubtably noticed. The picture is of Philly as well!

Well it was way intense at times. At this point in time I am sort of a displaced prayer guy without a central base of operations. I must say that there is an awful lot I have fallen into prayer wise in the last 2 months. Now my Friday and Saturday looks like this (when there is a 24).

Friday 2-4 pm – Temple HOP session. Yesterday it took almost an hour to break through.

Friday 8-12 pm – “Watch of the Lord” at Jamie’s church. Didn’t do this last night, instead…

Saturday 4-6 am – Went to bed at 730 pm after fixin’ myself a pastrami with some horseradish. Sweet. Got up too late at 3am (HOP is 30 miles away) and almost was late. There was nothing to break through here because:

1. It is 4 am – prime prayer time

2. No unauthorized people in the room at 4 am. They are all ready to go.

3. Was fresh off of breaking through at Temple. It rocked.

I did Psalm 73, and had done Psalm 37 (it’s dyslexic twin Psalm) at Temple. I find a common thread in both of these regarding near burnout and dissillusionment, that I can really relate to. So we prayed for those struggling with maintaining a redemptive view of God. Powerful.

In case you’re wondering, all this driving does add up. I’m proud to say my ’90 Honda has passed the 290K mark!

Cheesesteak Challenge Winner, Part 2

Part 2: Here is the first WINNER of the Cheesesteak Challenge:

Winner of Cheesesteak Challenge
Jamie is a worship leader out here who has been doing 12 and 24 hour prayer sessions locally for close to a decade now. When I first moved to Philly 3 years ago I found out about his past involvement and briefly swapped emails a couple times but never got to meet him… until last month!

I recently found out about a Friday Night 8-12 that they do at his church only 15 minutes away from me (in Philly, NOTHING is only 15 minutes away!).
He also showed up for my Friday 2-4pm set at the Temple HOP. The TUHOP is currently under 10 structured hours per week, so I continue to maintain that Philly is the largest city without a significant HOP presence. This HOP is about 3 miles north of center city Philadelphia, which is a very sweet spot for prayer. Conversational highlights included the following:

1. How God has been raising up 24/7 in Philly, under the radar

2. Speculations on what the prayer movement in Philly is really like in terms of Ethnicity, Style, Focus and Vision

3. Prophetic Hip/Hop and Intercessory Rap (neither of us is adept at this as you can see from the photo)

4. The role of the Cheesesteak in eschatology (the End Times)

Jamie concurs with my theory that the last commercial subsector to hold out against the mark of the Beast will be Authentic Cheesesteak Joints (ACJs). This is because one of the marks of an ACJ (pun intended) is to take CASH ONLY. I put this to the test, paying for the challenge with a $50 dollar bill. The guy didn’t even flinch at this large denomination, which is often refused by credit card-friendly merchants.

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT for the Cheesesteak Challenge!

Cheesesteak Challenge Winner, Part 1

Well the Cheesesteak Challenge is going strong. I appreciate all the comments and interaction this blessed challenge has wrought so far.

Cheesesteak ChallengeMany of you are unable to make it to Philly during February for the challenge and I must say in the words of the late Phil Hartman (Bill Clinton impersonator) of SNL, “Ah feel your pain…”


The Challenge was imbibed at Steve’s Prince of Steaks, one block west of Cottman (rt 73) on Bustleton in the City of Philadelphia.

Steve’s is without question a legitimate establishment, boasting

Steve’s Prince of Steaks

  1. Cash Only,
  2. Extensive Condiment Bar
  3. Metallic External Appearance
  4. Ordering Protocols (strictly enforced)

The Condiment Bar

Who will be the next winner? Stay tuned. Also please take a moment to study the photo on the right because you will see many of the features that make Steve’s Prince of Steaks such a reputable institution.

In PART 2 of this post you will meet the first Winner of the Challenge, which ENDS at the end of February.

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT for the Cheesesteak Challenge!