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Must’ve Been a Slow News Day

So I turned on CNN last night, to see them giving prime time coverage of the Interstate 35 prayer strategy. They had some rather prominent prayer people featured such as Steve Hill (Brownsville revival) and Cindy Jacobs. It was very out of the box and weird to see on the TV. Must’ve been a slow news day.

The strategy is actually pretty cool, since it’s apparently based on Isaiah 35 – the “Highway of Holiness”, so somebody got a prophetic word this past spring about praying up and down the I-35 corridor – which passes through Dallas, Kansas City, all the way to Minneapolis apparently. It’s a great idea. And worth it just to have CNN quoting scripture.

If I had any influence from this CBB blog, I would propose a joy and shout-fest up the I-95 corridor, we need some joy and thanksgiving and shouting around here, aka Psalm 95.