The Cheesesteak Challenge

The Challenge is On for February 1-28, 2007.

  1. Effective February 1-28, 2007
  2. Must be at least part-time (20 hours or more) prayer missionary or marketplace person
  3. Or you could be a local with a Track Record of doing significant prayer activities
  4. Vegans will be offered sprouts or an acceptable alternative.

Cheesesteak Challenge

Would it be a sacrilege to call this an Apostolic Cheesesteak Challenge (quite possibly)? But that is my intention: to lure intercessors to the greater Philadelphia area with the powerful lure of a cheesesteak. Especially the ones who fast a lot and are not vegans.

It seems this area does not show up on the radar too much, unless you are Reformed. In which case you have several fine seminaries to choose from. But to find people who are more interested in engaging God’s heart than figuring Him out and perfecting doctrinal views can be more challenging. Not to imply an either/or approach here regarding those who are committed to reformed theology, but it is my generalized observation for many I have met.

I submit Philadelphia is the most effective city for prayer in the nation. Darkness is great, and that makes our prayers even brighter.

So if you know any prayer missionary who will be in the area, leave a comment and I will buy them a cheesesteak. Although February’s challenge is over, there just might be a special “dispensation” of the challenge for you!

8 responses to “The Cheesesteak Challenge

  1. Well, golly! You just sucked all the hope out of my life! We currently live in Tulsa and are in the process of moving to Philly and have been praying about finding a group of like-minded christians to get involved with! I’m afraid your comments here have just confirmed what my opinion of the place has been from my trips up there. I don’t suppose you have the name of a good church to recommend?

    By the way, our daughter is on staff at IHOP-KC (nightwatch). I got to following links to blogs of IHOPpers from her blog, and that’s how I found you.

    To the subject at hand: which cheesesteak do you favor? I’ve had Geno’s and Pat’s both, and my favorite seems to change from one visit to the next. My husband favors Tony Luke’s. I haven’t gotten to try that one yet…

    Amyway, in a few weeks you won’t be the only IHOP minded person in Philly. There will be three of us… Do you think that’s enough to pray in revival? πŸ˜‰

  2. 1. When’s the move-in date?
    2. There are several areas of cheesesteak concentrations in the city. Look for more information in a future post and thank you for the post idea! Short answer: I like Delassandro’s in Roxborough (near Germantown) and Steve’s Prince of Steaks which I covered in the blog post. My cheese of choice is Whiz of late.
    3. May the God of hope give you joy & peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!
    4. If you check the 24 links you will see that there has (for me) been a sudden increase in what God has networked me into since January.
    5. Rick Joyner says “buy low, sell high”. You are moving to the most effective place for prayer in the world outside of Jerusalem (a ridiculous sounding claim but I’m starting to believe it). God must think a lot of you to send you out here πŸ™‚ . Light shines brightest in the darkness.

  3. Nathan, sorry I didnt make it Friday. Eat a few crispy cremes for me. The women who went to the call spoke on Sunday. It was awesome. Got more prayer and was very encouraged. Have a great vacation.
    John H. If I could type faster than 4 words per minute I would leave you a longer message.

  4. If I weren’t in Texas, I would take your challenge…now I am just going to have to go to Texadelphia and have their fav. cheesesteak, how we do them here in Texas, with queso (cheese) and jalepino peppers. (By the way, Texadelphia, the best cheesesteaks in Austin and also known for their queso – is an Austin original that started on the UT campus)

  5. That sounds great… if I come to Texadelphia you can buy me one!

    I bet our cherry peppers are hotter though!

  6. They may be but I bet you don’t actually eat them…where as here we eat the really hot stuff.

  7. I will have you know to the contrary! I got on the “Wall of Flame” at the Quaker Steak and Lube for eating their chicken wings which were rated at over 300,000 Scoville units! And I have proof!

  8. What kind of proof? Is it permant physical damage? πŸ˜€ Were you blinded for life…is that why you wear your sunglasses at night??

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