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24 Event this Friday & Saturday!

Come one come all to the PA Statewide 24!

I am currently securing a 2nd mortgage to finance a Cheesesteak Challenge for 2 very special intercessory families – that’s 9 cheesesteaks. Hopefully we have a bunch of pictures and stuff of this joyful occasion.



This trip was a wild ride. The apathy leading up to it was pretty hard core – it seems that everytime I go to KC I totally lose interest right before. Without fail this apathetic feeling is a precursor to something huge happening. Sure enough.

I went for my second Joseph Company “Cities of Refuge” conference this year. This was regarding marketplace ministry. So this JoCo was held 3 miles away from the prayer room which made me rather dependent on the shuttle and common charity. It was also 25 hours of content stuffed into 2 long days. On Thursday I treated Isaac and my hosts to some Jack Stack because they won the CBB contest. Turned out we are all from Philly which was an added bonus.

On Saturday I met Emily for the coffee that she also legitimately won as the CBB contest winner last week. I then shuttled down for the final day of the conference.

Well just a little bit into the teaching I began getting an enormous headache as well as some serious fever symptoms. It just kept getting worse as the session progressed to the point of my thinking “I haven’t felt this bad in 2 years!” And I really had not. Was convinced I would have to skip the next session to nap if I could.

So I forgave myself for drinking the soda they gave me on the flight out here and asked Jesus to heal me up anyway and did some silent spiritual warfare techniques. It was miserable.

Then the session was closing and they opened the session for prayer and words for people – I figured why not just pray for a few people. I felt slightly better after doing so. In short after lunch I started feeling much better and was feeling great by the end of the day. Also ended up getting a rather public prophetic word at the last session. I’ve never been called out to that degree and it is a bit awkward since I had to stuff my false humility and just receive this rather glowing affirmation with everybody there watching.

My flight leaves in 5 hours. I’ve got a few hours left to enjoy the prayer room.


Well it seems like I was just here… in May.

Met at the airport by the WINNER of the Jack Stack Challenge and met up with friends for dinner. It was quite the BBQ experience I must say.

So any coffee people, please shoot a comment. I am actually sitting in the coffee shop right now without any takers and it’s far more fun with!

Jack Stack Challenge – IHOP 2.0 Trip

I’m packing up for the Joseph Company’s “Cities of Refuge” conference at the IHOP.


Will be in town for a shorter trip than last time – from Thursday the 18th to Sunday the 21st. I’m happy to sit down & buy CBB commenters a coffee or juice drink but have less availability for dinner… with at least one exception:

Jack Stack 2The soul who can give me a lift from the airport circa 5pm Thursday the 18th will win dinner at the fabled Jack Stack’s for him/herself and a friend/spouse/significant other. It’s the least I can do. Leave a comment to be eligible. The runner-up comments at least get a free drink in the coffeehouse.

Ironically I am also packing up for a move to the Princeton area for the new job I start immediately afterward. Been in the Philadelphia city limits for just over 1 year at this point and it looks like God’s moving me exactly halfway between Philly and New York City.

The challenge is on! Comment to win!

IHOP Aftermath

IHOPGot back on the plane late Sunday and back home @ 2AM yesterday.

A big thank you to the 3-5 people who prayed (preyed?) on me, including Chris. I came down to get some major prayer, and until my last 2 days, God really limited the amount of revelation that people had for me. I realized this was happening from the Lord, too. The final prophetic session and the AM prayer after church coupled with maximum Prayer Room soaking time before departure helped immensely. It was hard to leave the prayer room because (1) I didn’t want to leave, and (2) I could barely walk without keeling over!

On my 2nd leg of the trip, I got in the line next to a dude with a Hustler shirt on, which proclaimed “Hardcore since ’74.” I was so tanked from the prayer room that I almost didn’t mind the shirt too much, and decided to whip out my Bible to balance the feng shui of the airport terminal, and partly to see what would happen.

Nothing really happened other than a benign conversation with the dude, who seemed like a really nice guy who had just enjoyed himself at a Vegas bachelor party. No further progression to this tale unfortunately.

When I got home the next day I was delighted to see the massively upgraded Prayer Room Webcast trial offer. The quality of this is so good, I feel that I am still there which is a huge blessing. I want to thank the nightwatchers for your ministry since I now sleep with the webcast on. I will note any increase in supernatural dreams and other phenomena on this blog.

IHOP, Day 5

Skanky Dream

Started off pretty intensely. I got slimed with a really nasty, confusing, hopeless dream about screwing up in the workplace, involving someone in my seminar. It was so twisted that there was no way any of it was from God. It was a pathetic attempt to intimidate me, and apparently the last stand…

So I started the day off pretty well. This was such a tip-off that it was funny. Just started forgiving everyone and redeeming the dream.

Hide & Seek

The way some of the ministry times have been going lately, it is obvious to me that God is playing “hide & seek” with me. I deeply appreciate the sincerity and gifting of many who have prayed for me in the prophetic prayer times, however it is apparent that God is deliberately withholding revelation from many who are praying for me. It’s me, not them!

So it is fine, it means the breakthrough will come directly from God, or I suspect some of the little kids who are praying for us tomorrow. That usually happens. Huge implications right back at me as the leader of a prophetic team back home. I wonder how this expectation hinders us as a prayer team…

More on Expectation

I did come down here with a healthy expectation to receive a large amount of prophetic input on various situations. The fact that I bought a plane ticket and took off work for this can put a large expectation on the missions base and its people. If I don’t remind myself that the source is God, I’m in for disappointment and will slime these poor people here with my fleshy expectations. Imagine all the flaky people who didn’t get their ecstatic moment of bliss in the way they wanted. Now imagine the cumulative weight of this against people who are just trying to press in and bless people on the way.


One thing I realized this morning was that when I get offended I am tactful enough to minimize and discount it. This morning I realized that I just need to skip this step and acknowledge that I got my feelings hurt and repent of it. For some reason I really don’t want to fess up to admitting to hurt feelings. After doing this, I was able to really engage in the program, while yesterday I was really disconnected.

Ick. Didn’t think I would be in such a rough fight down here in IHOPland. I think I jumped the hurdle though, thank God.

IHOP, Day 4

OK, am I hitting the wall here?

A couple things hit me today –

1. I am under some self-imposed pressure or burden to do some effective prayer while I am here. I think that this is NOT a bad thing even though it is a “works” oriented pressure. I feel like there is a window for me to settle some things and I’m just enjoying the music instead.

2. When I decided to go for it and pace and pray for the issues (blessing my clients, praying for healing for various people including my Uncle), I realized that I was out of sync with the room. They were praying for a release for other HOPs and I was praying my checklist.

3. I am used to praying for anything I want to, anytime I want to, and it was bizarre to be constrained in this way. “Well just walk around the block and pray” you say, and that is certainly what I can do. I just never had that constraint before, even when I was building other HOPs.

4. It sure is easy down here to fast when everyone else is doing it. It is a completely different dynamic than what I am used to. The secrecy factor is missing. However I’m starting to reach new personal territory on this 4th day (I started early). This may be why I’m starting to get a bit antsy. Krusty the demon is around but not as empowered as he is in my natural environs.

5. Perhaps the mental weakness issue is more significant down here since everyone is scaling back for the fast and it is normal. “So why am I getting jacked around in the head?” Because this isn’t a walk in the park, even though the social dynamics/peer pressure makes it easier to enter. Everything seems fine, but I have been a bit irked from time to time.

6. Going deep vs. sanity. Which should I choose? Gotta think about preparing to re-enter the east coast Monday which requires a bit of physical strength.

Anyone care to validate or give their $.02 on this???