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24 Event this Friday & Saturday!

Come one come all to the PA Statewide 24!

I am currently securing a 2nd mortgage to finance a Cheesesteak Challenge for 2 very special intercessory families – that’s 9 cheesesteaks. Hopefully we have a bunch of pictures and stuff of this joyful occasion.


The Face of Revival?

So I’ve been hearing all sorts of stuff about some tattooed biker ex-con from Canada named Todd Bentley for several years now. Everyone I know who have attended any of his meetings tends to come back raving about it. As for me, I have never seen any of the meetings and never felt the need to. Part of the reason that I had been reluctant to jump on the bandwagon is that Todd is a year younger than me and it sort of messes with my security for some reason. About as stupid a reason as any other, and we all have our various offenses and hangups.

When the buzz started generating about a month ago about a new renewal coming out of Florida, I maintained my wait & see attitude. I’m certainly happy to hear about any credible activity, even any not-so credible activity. The difference with this new outburst of activity is that you can see it live on for free as it is happening. It is also spreading to other regions, you can go to the Morningstar website to see another distinct expression of this. Please do NOT do this unless you are open to having your paradigm shifted, and open to God using a heavily tattooed biker ex-con with a non-religious attitude. When he prays for people he says “BAM!” as if he were hosting some sort of show on the cooking channel. I just know this will offend you, so DON’T tune in!

They just brought up an 11 year old kid who “didn’t want to fall over”, and it was funny. When Todd prayed for him you could see he was a bit happy from it but the little trooper stayed on his feet.

God.TV Rocks

So I’m a bit overwhelmed at my options on the webstream. I can watch yesterday’s healing service, watch worship for today’s healing service, the Jerusalem Prayer Meeting, and The Call Jerusalem is happening soon. I’m watching them ALL simultaneously on my computer… a bit overstimulating I suppose.

God TV panel

Quote of the Week

Dedicating this one to my friends at various HOPs:Father of LSD

“LSD can help open your eyes,” he once said. “But there are other ways: meditation, dance, music, fasting.”

-Albert Hofmann, father of the mind-altering drug LSD

Well, I’m glad we have the rest of them covered… ūüôā

Here‘s the rest of the story.

Must’ve Been a Slow News Day

So I turned on CNN last night, to see them giving prime time coverage of the Interstate 35 prayer strategy. They had some rather prominent prayer people featured such as Steve Hill (Brownsville revival) and Cindy Jacobs. It was very out of the box and weird to see on the TV. Must’ve been a slow news day.

The strategy is actually pretty cool, since it’s apparently based on Isaiah 35 – the “Highway of Holiness”, so somebody got a prophetic word this past spring about praying up and down the I-35 corridor – which passes through Dallas, Kansas City, all the way to Minneapolis apparently. It’s a great idea. And worth it just to have CNN quoting scripture.

If I had any influence from this CBB blog, I would propose a joy and shout-fest up the I-95 corridor, we need some joy and thanksgiving and shouting around here, aka Psalm 95.

EFV ’07 Part 5: Live Free… or Pray Hard

In the middle of vacation the women of the family get together and craft doilies, needlepoint, play dolls, have spontaneous fashion shows, and get their faces and toenails painted.

Bruce WillisThe men of the family go out and see ACTION MOVIES. This year we selected “Live Free or Die Hard” starring tough guy Bruce Willis.


This movie features Bruce Willis singlehandedly foiling a terrorist plot and mentoring/fathering a young computer geek who cannot go 5 hours without eating something. In fact the wimp was begging for katsup packets halfway through the film. The enemy was a disgruntled Homeland Security guy who was trying to screw up our traffic system and bankrupt SSI funds.

Other action sequences feature Bruce Willis:

  • Preventing a 18 wheeler from jacknifingGood aim, Bruce Willis!
  • Outrunning a collapsing freeway
  • Driving an SUV down an elevator shaft
  • Launching a car off the toll booth to attack an enemy helicopter
  • Jumping out of that car to avoid perishing with said helicopter
  • Surfing down the wing of an F-15 jet onto the concrete below
  • Surviving an evening in Camden

My beef with all this stuff is that we somehow think we are immune to terrorism and so we pay $10 bucks to see the Capitol exploding, traffic lights malfunctioning, east coast power failure, and massive disaster of apocalyptic proportions. Just couldn’t shake this, and when it happens for real the question is “how could a loving God allow this to happen”.

Anybody want to learn how to pray effectively now? That way you will have some wisdom and peace when all hell is breaking out, even if you aren’t as tough as Bruce Willis.

Unofficial “The Call” in Philly this Friday

Anybody who took part in The Call Nashville via attendance or active webcast participation is welcome to join a handful of us this Friday night, 7-10pm – location TBD soon. Informal worship, prayer, impartation, and fasting is what’s on the menu.

good ole¬†philadelphiaWe have got to bring the “seal of Love” to the “City of Love” and build each other up. We have got to stick together from now on!¬† I can feel the impact of Saturday getting more elusive already, but we can cultivate this thing locally. Struggles that I have had for decades have been winnable this week. Something happened on Saturday and I am not gonna let this wear off!

The Call Fallout Part 1

I’ve got client work right now, but a short post for anyone out there.

My primary question for most of the people on the platform who fasted up to 41 days including Saturday’s event:


I went down to the floor when they called for pastors and leaders to come forward. I stayed on the floor of the stadium for about 60 minutes maybe, before they made the announcement about DRINKING WATER, and realized that I was really getting dehydrated. So I got some water for everybody and gave as many as I could away randomly throughout the day. I spent $40 on water Saturday. They were bilking us at $3 a pop. I had a heat headache much of the day and was really needing to take it easy.

Anyhow, my point is that I skipped a few meals perhaps leading up to this, but most speakers and many worship leaders had been fasting 40 or 41 days. Supernatural, just like much of what happened Saturday. Oh yeah, and Michael W Smith showed up and prayed for healing rain on Philadelphia. I was shocked! I am liking him more and more.