Been A Long Long Time….

Wow, it’s been almost 3 years since I updated this site! That’s a bit nuts, a freshman would be a junior by the time I updated this. Sorry guys! Probably means that I’ve moved on to some other pursuits so I will pronounce that I have officially suspended the CBB blog until further notice. Thanks for the reads and who knows, I may be back sometime!

Disciple or Victim?


I’ve been thinking a great deal about the marriage issue much lately. Watched a video of the mob riot at the end of this clip (I posted it on my profile) yesterday. At the end of my note is a firsthand account from a prayer person who was mistakenly targeted by this mob.

The culture war America is in cannot be won by political means, including the “politics of victimization”, an intriguing term I just picked up from an Os Guinness book. People who have God’s power in their lives and have been cleansed of their guilt and slime are not victims. People over whom “all things work together for good, to those who love God and are called according to his purpose” are never victims.

I am thinking a lot lately that when you sign up to follow Jesus, you surrender your rights over to his Lordship. So if I were for example, to lose my job because someone misinterpreted (or rightfully interpreted with offense) this post and rallied other people to blackmail me for my beliefs on an extremely controversial issue, what do I do? Do I call up a christian thinktank and countersue, or does divine power come in after I am mistreated without retaliating? I’m not into being a doormat, nor do I want the 10 Commandments sandblasted off our public buildings, or “In God We Trust” off our money. However there’s a lot of retaliation from the christian world especially when large ministries and churches are involved, and it seems to me like God is teaching conservative believers not to trust in the political process right now, but to pray – and pray the right way.

Regarding this disturbing video: I’m certainly not sharing it to fuel an ungodly spirit of retaliation, which we collectively default to as followers of Christ, in direct disobedience to his word. I’m posting this as a reminder to what it means to stand up for what we believe God has said in his word about how he created people, in the areas of male and female.

In the end it is a question of whom you fear more – fear of man, or fear of God? When I was in high school I did not see God healing people and know of God actually raising the dead in the here and now. Had I really cared about truth, I suppose this shouldn’t have mattered. But now that I know that God does these things (he is powerful and should be obeyed), I realize I need to take a side for what he says about creation in the context of extremely controversial relationship issues.

In a side note – Many believers my age and younger seem to be doing penance for the slavery, racism, witch-hunts, crusades, and other sins of previous generations of passive Christians by overly sympathizing with political views that undermine God’s design for life and relationships per the scriptures. I am acutely aware of this because I spent my entire high school years trying to find ways to avoid looking like an “intolerant”, “conservative” person. In the end, the only way is to genuinely care for those you disagree with, and let them react and label you as they wish.

Back to this video – Again my intention is not to create fear, but if we call yourself followers of Christ and are unsettled by this, perhaps we need to dig deeper and learn how to get some results from our church and prayer meetings. What this group in the video is doing – praying and fasting in love for people who are themselves hurting, and upset – is what we must do if we want to see true freedom.

To my friends in my prayer network to whom I’ve mentioned the need to pray for the gay community, well, let’s pray for the community! I hope incidents such as this one will get our attention, so that we can proactively pray.


here is a firsthand account from one of the people who were praying and assaulted. 

24 Event this Friday & Saturday!

Come one come all to the PA Statewide 24!

I am currently securing a 2nd mortgage to finance a Cheesesteak Challenge for 2 very special intercessory families – that’s 9 cheesesteaks. Hopefully we have a bunch of pictures and stuff of this joyful occasion.

Off to The Call Tomorrow

Heading down on a $15 bus ticket to The Call tomorrow. I am gonna do what I can to own up to our collective failure as a country to stay faithful to the principles of the founding fathers, based upon the Bible, Judeo-Christian values, and tolerance of people to follow their own conscience. We have deviated from that, and many of us who do try to follow the Bible are just assuming that God is supposed to fix the situation. God is sovereign but his nature often requires people to go out of their way to intercede for the majority. So that’s what a bunch of people are doing tomorrow. We’re bringing our water so we don’t dehydrate, but we’re gonna fast and pray.

Just watched an hour of C-SPAN footage of The Call’s press conference featuring Lou and Mike Huckabee among others. Refreshing.

Never Gonna…

This is a remarkable piece of work. Thanks Hugh for creating this!

…and could anyone confirm that the Senator had an under-publicized stint as a bartender in the mid-80s? Check out around 1:15 and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for the tweet, Randy.

Todd’s Back

CBB is happy to report that Todd Bentley is back at the revival this Friday. I am probably going to ease off on the levity in favor of soliciting prayer for Todd & the overall event. Some of you who might not appreciate Todd’s ministry are flocking to this post, which captures the eerie similarity to a WWF wrestler. I thought it was cute too, that’s why I posted it. However pray for Todd and his team – I want this guy to reach every purpose that God has for him in this season, and not to get burned or tired out.

Pray for Psalty – He’s Homeless!

Here’s one reason why I try to feed the homeless – because I might actually be ministering to Psalty unawares. Thanks to VH1’s Behind the Music for this insightful exposé.