Dell Printer – 0, Samsung Printer – 1

It all started when I started really, really needing to print something. The junker printers were dried up and not working. I broke down and ordered this Dell 926 All-In-One printer for the low price of $75 bucks. Bought some extra ink to boot.

It was great until I had to change the black cartridge. That printer never worked again. I had some trouble with the fax on it too, although the scanner worked fine. That “extra capacity” cartridge yielded a whopping 150 sheets maximum, which in my world is called “pathetic”.

Nevertheless when the printer no longer ran smoothly a helpful Dell rep took me through all the issues over the phone. For some reason the “feed” (the way the paper loads from the top down) was always skewing into the side of the printer, wrecking the print job. This rep replaced my printer with another, which made me happy. The printer came within 24 hours, which made me even more happy.

However, this new printer is not working either. It blinks and tells me I must install a color cartridge, which is already there. I cannot install the driver because the driver will not detect the USB cable which is plugged in, and won’t move me through the installation.

I’m installing a new driver for everything because my XP croaked before vacation, and I opted to buy a new HD and reinstall a fresh windows on that which is the path of least resistance when under a client deadline.

So I went to Staples and got this Samsung printer. I just installed it. I love it! It does whatever I tell it to in the realm of printing. And the toner shall yield 1000 pages before I must take it and shake it and lines happen on my pages. Who needs color anyway?

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