The Call – KC

It’s 4pm on the east coast, 9 more hours left to login to and watch The Call. It is really intense – I went to Nashville for that event, this is very intense.

Everyone is crying out “LIFE” for the past 30 minutes. I’m thinking we need to start crying out for people’s hearts to be convicted as this legislation is passed. That will be a greater battle than just getting a law passed. I can’t imagine how people will respond if God doesn’t convict them once righteous laws are passed.

Now they’ve got the little kids praying… it’s just like Jesus Camp, minus the skewed filmmaker bias. What group is better to pray for LIFE than the generation that could have been terminated 4, 5, 6 years ago? Perhaps these kids understand the dynamic better than us adults.

3 responses to “The Call – KC

  1. We’re watching it right now too 🙂 It’s amazing!

  2. Add a link…please.

    My feelings on abortion is instead of praying for legislation let’s pray for the hearts of women and mothers to be turned to their children. It doesn’t matter how many laws we pass, if a woman wants to terminate, she will find a way (I think we know this from past experience). This is more of a heart matter than a government matter.

    If the hearts of our people were turned toward God we would not have to pass laws regarding this issue.

  3. Grace – I agree that and unless people’s hearts are changed there will be enormous blowback and mayhem as a result. We do need to pray for righteous laws, but also that God’s law to be written on peoples’ hearts. Legislation will be easy in comparison.

    For the time being, many believe that the shed blood of 50M innocent children demands that intercessors plead for mercy, otherwise there will be a severe reckoning. The Civil war is believed to be a good example of this – judgement against generations of slavery – Lincoln said as much. We do need to use our influence to outlaw non-medically necessary abortion, otherwise we’re just looking the other way.

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